Sight Unseen

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Apr 03, 2024 - Present


The CW


Drama / Crime


Tess - Dolly LewisJake - Daniel GilliesSunny - Agam Darshi

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A drama following a blind detective who solves cases with help from a remote seeing-eye guide.

Tess Avery is a homicide detective who is forced to quit her job after an incident in the field nearly results in her partner being killed, leading to her ultimately being diagnosed as clinically blind.

Haunted by the cases she left behind and reluctant to accept help, Tess turns to an assistance app to connect with professional seeing-eye guide Sunny Patel, who is 3000 miles away. An unorthodox partner in Tess' ear, Sunny guides her via a micro-camera, allowing Tess to continue solving cases.

Comments (3)

04/01/24 at 05:24pm

We are seniors and to us it was one of the best tv shows on tv. Hope it comes back.
03/30/24 at 08:10am

Started to watch the series out of curiosity then shortly thereafter could not wait for the next episode now hoping it gets renewed as too many good shows are being cancelled after 1 season.
03/27/24 at 06:19am

This is a refreshing new show. I hope that it will be renewed
and given a second season so we can continue to enjoy it

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