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On Air: Sep 13, 2011 - Apr 7, 2012
Network: CW

Ringer Gets A Full Season

The CW has picked up the Sarah Michelle Gellar drama for the rest of the season.

October 12, 2011

Good news for Ringer fans today. The CW has picked up the freshman drama for the full season, making it the first new series on the network to get a 'back 9' order. Other newcomers The Secret Circle and Hart of Dixie have yet to receive any news on their futures. While the former is considered a lock to get picked up, the latter could go either way.

Across all networks, new shows with female leads are clearly in favor this year. Joining Ringer, which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, in getting picked up are New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, and Whitney. Prime Suspect, while not getting an outright full season, did receive an order for more scripts earlier today.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Comments (14)

Posted 11/11/15 at 19:31:24

I still want to know what the hell happened in ringer it completely left me hanging it was a show that kept me at the edge of the couch every week. I would clear my schedule to make sure I was at home and ready to see the next episode. Didn't miss once. Now I don't even have TV because of this type of shit.
Terrie DeGuire
Posted 11/05/12 at 11:12:30

You cannot imagine my disgust at discovering that Ringer and Secret Circle are both being cancelled. Along with Vampire Diaries...they are the best shows on TV right now. At least they'e not just mindless episodes who "who's sleeping with whom this episode" as so many prime time network shows have been. You're not the only network that is in the habit of cancelling good shows while leaving the crappy ones on the air though. I'd sure like to understand how such decisions are made. You are aware that a lot of people don't watch the shows on a week to week basis because of their life schedules...but rather wait until they can watch either the whole season or five or six episodes at a time over a couple of days off. If you're rating your shows and their popularity on the basis of who tunes in week by week....then you're discounting a very large part of your audience. Over a couple of decades of this happening...a lot of us are just not bothering to tune in at all because about the time we get interested in what's happening in a cancel it and leave us hanging. Keep it up and you'll lose us for good. You might want to let your "money men" know that when a good show gets cancelled... we figure it's also because the sponsor threatened to pull ads because the ratings weren't high enough. When it happens to a show we like... we often get ticked off enough to quit buying the sponsor's products. You might want to pass that news on. It's grown really boring being treated by the entertainment/political/corporate world as if our opinions don't matter. When we get ticked off enough...we fight back any way we can...and if it means boycotting products advertised...well... that can be pretty satisfying.
Joann Williams
Posted 09/18/12 at 10:34:49

What the hell you bastards didn't even give ringer a damn chance, I think it's sick that you get people stuck without a good ending at lease give us a second season
stephanie bryant
Posted 07/13/12 at 14:21:42

ringer and secret circle are your best shows and you cancel them? I have no other reason to watch their channel now. supernatural needs to go, same with 90210, they are lame.
Posted 07/09/12 at 08:38:53

IDIOTS !!..great show...of course keep the garbadge on & cancel the good RINGER
90210 needs to go..its soo predicable & ignorant...they all sleep with one anothers exs..whats next Annie & Dixon sleep togetehr cause theyr r not blood related ?
I looked forward to RINGER every Tuesday...UNBELIEVABLE !!
Posted 06/11/12 at 14:30:38

I am shocked and truly upset you guys canceled Ringer, I have gotten so many people hooked on that show, please bring it back!!!!!
Posted 06/05/12 at 19:11:20

Ringer is one of the best shows on tv . I hate it when u cancell shows & leave us all hanging wondering what WOULD HAVE happened. Same with Secret Circle.
Posted 05/21/12 at 22:14:14

Can't believe you cancelled 'Ringer'! Any chance you will reconsider? Big mistake.
Posted 05/14/12 at 15:23:23

I love Ringer a new theme, why cancel it
Posted 04/27/12 at 05:03:34

ringer is one of the best shows if they need to cancel something cancel 90210 or secret circle and leave the good shows alone like nikita, hart of dixie & supernatural.supernatural is the best show with ringer on cw

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Sarah Michelle Gellar (Bridget/Siobhan)
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Tara Summers (Gemma)
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