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The Glades

On Air: Jul 11, 2010 - Aug 26, 2013
Network: A&E

The Glades Renewed For Third Season

The cop drama will return in 2012 for Season 3.

October 18, 2011

A&E has renewed sophomore series The Glades for a third season. One of the network's three original scripted dramas, the show has aired two 13-episode seasons since premiering in 2010.

Season 3 of The Glades is slated to return in the summer of 2012.

(Source: TV Guide)

Comments (59)

Linda Lumley
Posted 06/01/13 at 21:42:20

When is glades coming back?
Margo D.
Posted 03/09/13 at 12:05:46

Approximately when in 2013 can we expect The Glades to return. Waiting impatiently...
Posted 09/12/12 at 07:47:58

just want to know is there a 4th series of the glades just want to know cause its a great show
Posted 09/12/12 at 07:45:22

Posted 08/14/12 at 13:53:03

I really love this show. I buy the DVDs for everyone I know. I think Matt Passmore is incredibly handsome and an excellent actor. I wish we had more of him on the U.S. TV. But I hate waiting almost a year for its return. More, please.
michael lannen
Posted 08/14/12 at 07:30:34

Sorry found my answer on tv guide. Only 10 show's this season. Puzzling since the ratings went up last year and they had 13 show's why cut two from this year?? Oh well nothing the mucky muck highly paid brass does makes sence to me. I am thankful for what I can have. BUT still want Harry's Law back what a stupid decision it was to drop it. MKL
michael lannen
Posted 08/14/12 at 07:02:28

How many show's this year, is it 13 like last year. Asking because on bottom of my tv screen it said last episode longmier next??? not know which show they ment. Can anyone please post it I will check. The show is slow at times but as for summer replacements it is good enough to watch.
Posted 08/14/12 at 00:56:53

After Season 1, the writers did not know where to go with this show. Jim is portrayed as a super cool cop who is a modern day Columbo. Begging Callie to marry him does NOT go with his character....sorry
Posted 08/10/12 at 07:49:34

I love the show, but I hope Jim dumps the whinny Callie. She thinks the world revolves around her! She strung him along while hanging with her ex and no one believed it was just because of her son.
Pattie Psuik
Posted 08/06/12 at 06:48:40

If Callie & Jim part again I will probably stop watching! His new "partner" has been after him since she first arrived and if he gives into that temptation-well, he will get what he deserves and Callie deserves much better. August 12 may be the last time I watch this show.

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Genre: Drama

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A procedural drama following a Chicago detective who leaves his hometown and moves to Florida.


Matt Passmore (Jim)
Kiele Sanchez (Callie)
Carlos Gomez (Carlos)
Michelle Hurd (Colleen)
Jordan Wall (Daniel)
Uriah Shelton (Jeff)