The Glades

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Jul 11, 2010 - Aug 26, 2013








Jim - Matt PassmoreCallie - Kiele SanchezCarlos - Carlos GomezColleen - Michelle HurdDaniel - Jordan WallJeff - Uriah Shelton

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A procedural drama following a Chicago detective who leaves his hometown and moves to Florida.

Jim Longworth is Chicago detective who was falsely accused of sleeping with his captains wife. Because of this, he takes a new job in South Florida with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement - hoping to find a more relaxing lifestyle. He soon discovers that things are more complicated than he thought.

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michael dobey
05/20/18 at 02:40pm

They never made a movie to wrap this up. They could have , but now it's been gone ages in tv world. Five years is like decades. rip.
08/01/15 at 06:11pm

I love this show its the greatest 43 min kia commercial I've ever seen
07/13/15 at 03:15pm

This show was great campy fun that only works with a great ensemble. It kept things real (included technology but kept people at the center of the storylines). The S04 cliffhanger was such a missed opportunity by A&E. Just think about it...This show could have been a fantastic vehicle for discussing with sensitivity and levity the struggles that families of wounded service men/women experience in continuing on with their life dreams after debilitating physical injuries. We love to see our heroes -- ordinary people just like us -- rise from the ashes to fight another day. ...And set in the quirky Florida...pass the popcorn, please!
05/31/15 at 07:07am

It is a shame they cancelled the show. I enjoyed this show. They cancel the good ones and this one without warning.
05/08/15 at 08:17pm

I too, really like this show. Again, they are cancelling a well written and acted show and keeping trivel. A&E used to stand for Arts & Entertainment, but not any more. What a shame.
03/21/15 at 09:14am

I loved this show when it came out and then the station it was on pushed it back into a 2330 time slot and then stopped it altogether and I have been looking to buy it but cannot get it on PAL version for I have now 2 options I can do nothing and miss out on the other seasons I have not seen or download.
Gregg's mom
03/12/15 at 04:32am

If script writers would discontinue straying so far from the original concept, these wonderful shows would last longer. This one went from a show I couldn't miss to a show that was on while I did other things. It just no longer held my attention. Loved the Jim character because he was intelligent, funny, and logical. The last couple of seasons, they turned him into a simpering, over emotional weenie.
Pamela C
03/06/15 at 09:26am

Oh No! I can't believe the show was cancelled. I have been waiting for their wedding and to find out where they were going to live. I loved following the detective. I really, really, really like this show. I can't believe another show I liked has been cancelled!
Brad Lafferty
09/17/14 at 11:30pm

Matt Passmore is very good and that hot Indian women from The League is great.
Diana Rodriguez
09/08/14 at 06:13am

Can't believe they cancelled The Glades have been waiting anxiously for its return. Was a great series Bummer. hate when this happens bring the series back loose the people who cancelled it..........

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