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On Air: Mar 5, 2010 - Present
Network: TLC

NBC Cancels Who Do You Think You Are?

The family tree-tracing series will not return.

May 15, 2012

NBC has cancelled Who Do You Think You Are after three seasons. The genealogy documentary series, which premiered in March 2010, followed one celebrity in each episode as they traced back through their family tree to learn about their roots.

The show aired a total of 27 episodes and featured such stars such as Matthew Broderick, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Martin Sheen. The series finale is set to air this Friday, May 18, 2012.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (129)

Posted 06/27/15 at 18:19:55

This is so sad, my favorite show! How can Ben have so much power? This all about him, I think not! Bring it back asap! God Bless America!
Posted 06/25/14 at 21:55:06

I LOVED this show. It prompted me to check out my past and quess what??? I found out my father(died 1975)had a first marriage that produced a child. None of my sisters or myself knew anything about that marriage/half sibling. BECAUSE of WDYTYR I was able to connect with my new brother. I'm sure the show connected many lost family members. SHAME, SHAME on you NBC. That was quality, informative and fun TV for all the family.
Posted 04/25/14 at 14:47:39

NBC you are so dumb! You cancelled the best show ever in "Who Do You Think You are". Why do you always cancel good shows? You cancelled "Smash" also which was a good show. It should be based on quality not how many people are viewing it; instead you have nothing but trash programming. You people are so clueless.
Posted 07/05/13 at 12:13:42

So happy that WDYTYA will be back on TLC this summer!
Posted 05/23/13 at 20:15:08

This is so disappointing! I looked up the show to see when it was going to return and see that it's cancelled!!! This show was the best. Oh well, goodbye NBC, Who Do You Think You Are was the only show I watched on your channel. The one quality show you had and you cancel it.
C Clark
Posted 05/01/13 at 21:33:32

What? Wasn't there enough blood and violence and persecution of Christians and Jews on the show, and oh yes, the hanging crotch wanna be gang bangers, not enough women sleeping with women, men sleeping with men and of course this program taught us something and didn't spend time on trying to change our way of thinking that socialism is the way to go transmisssion. SHAME ON NBC. YOU HAD A GREAT INFORMATIVE EDUCATIONAL SHOW AND i GUESS THAT WAS TOO BORING SO YOU WENT BACK TO BLOOD GORE GUNS DEATH.
Posted 04/28/13 at 16:35:29

I had been assuming this show would be back on. Just discovered it won't be back. Who cancels a show so entertaining so informative. NBC. shame on you.
Linda Rideout
Posted 04/17/13 at 13:05:32

NBC cancels a great show,,,,, Fans of WDYTYA,you can catch episodes of the UK and Austrailian shows online. These wereecen more interesting than the US show,
Posted 04/11/13 at 10:12:56

So sad to hear the show will not be back! I learned ALOT from the show. Just like others had said before me, NBC had a great program that even my children would watch. And before I knew it , my 12 yr old son was checking out "his" past. Hope someone else picks up the program!!
tammy flores
Posted 04/06/13 at 21:48:01

I am very dissapointed,I was realy looking forward to this show. It helped me with my own family tree please bring it back........

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