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On Air: Jan 22, 2010 - Apr 12, 2013
Network: Starz

Spartacus Ending After Season 3

The show's next season will be its last.

June 5, 2012

Starz has announced that Spartacus will be ending after its upcoming third season. The historical drama, which is the highest rated show on the network, aired its second season finale back on March 30, 2012. Plans to end the popular show were partially influenced by the loss of actor Andy Whitfield, who played the original Spartacus.

The show's creator has said that the final season will run for 10 episodes and be titled Spartacus: War of the Damned. Production on Season 3 has already started, though no return date has been announced.

(Source: TV Guide)

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Comments (16)

Teddy Heffner
Posted 05/05/13 at 21:23:49

I can't even describe the pain I felt watching the last three episodes. Clearly one of the best series of all time. Will be missed!!
Marc Noble
Posted 11/25/12 at 09:06:26

Spartacus: War of the Damned
It will be on January 25, 2013
Posted 07/18/12 at 16:51:34

They're ending it because they made the money they wanted to make from it... It's that simple. I loved this show and there is no reason they couldn't cover what they needed to in 5 seasons.
Posted 07/09/12 at 08:36:28

I really can't believe they are cancelling such a great show. Even with the loss of Andy the show still prevailed why would the network cancel such a great show? I'd like to know who makes these decisions. They should let the viewers vote
Posted 07/05/12 at 15:28:13

the person "S" you ignorant fool - they had to make the pre-quil because the Main Star had Died.....and they had to re-cast, so they did that to fill at least half a season.

Posted 06/27/12 at 01:48:50

it's sad that they are canceling the show, i really loved it, even after changing the Spartacus main character. when there are so stupid series are renewed for season 8 why are they canceling this awesome series? can we fans really compare Spartacus with any current series??? i really hoped that they would give us at least 8 series of Spartacus. it's heart breaking that they are finishing the show so early.
Posted 06/15/12 at 23:53:54

First let me say thanks to Starz for giving me three wonderful seasons or four, however if you count the prequel. The loss of Andy Whitfield was really a game changer for the series. It just wasn't the same. The whole dynamic of the series seemed to change. The writing, the ambiance of the series just wasn't the same without Andy. I think we all wanted to love the new Sparticus, but it was hard to not miss Andy.
Posted 06/14/12 at 22:35:57

Suck's this is the last season....But in real life Spartacus body was never found after the last battle so I hope they do something like that
Posted 06/12/12 at 05:50:48

I am not surprised. The loss of Andy Whitfield was a major blow to the show. The replacement did his best but it is not the same. Also, if it holds true to history, it cannot last much longer. The bottom line is that they get defeated and are executed.
Posted 06/11/12 at 18:55:50

Can't say I'm surprised. Don't get me wrong, I like the show, but the first season was the best, IMHO. After they changed the star due to unfortunate turn of events called life, it's been different somehow. It's still pretty good, but something's missing. I hope to find it more interesting in the last season.

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