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The Glades


The Glades Renewed For Season 4

The police procedural will return to A&E in 2013.

September 13, 2012

A&E has announced that hit drama The Glades has been renewed for a fourth season. Production is expected to start shortly, with a return to the air in 2013.

The show's 10-episode third season, which ended last month, averaged a strong 4.1 million total viewers, which is up roughly 5% from season 2. There is no word on the number of episodes ordered for season 4 of The Glades.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (110)

Posted 04/01/14 at 15:38:47

I am very disappointed that you have not renewed The Glades, however you choose to put reality shows on the air which have no redeeming qualities. These shows are a waste of space. I watch shows for entertainment, not to be subjected to fools and their stupid opinions. I have not watched A & E since you took The Glades off the air.
Posted 03/06/14 at 23:56:29

I was so looking forward to the new season of glades but not well take off the bates hotel were a stupid teen thinks its ok to help kill and hide bodes that is a great influnes for our kids take it off and bring back the glades
Karen Mangicaro
Posted 03/05/14 at 12:15:08

A&E...why in the world would you cancel one of the few decent shows on your network. Who ever makes these decisions, needs to have their head examined. Isn't there enough stupid reality shows on. Now I have no reason to tune to A&E.
Joyce Pool
Posted 03/04/14 at 17:12:09

I'am still in schock from CSI being gone'now you say 'GLADES GONE,who does this kind of stuff'u need to shut down TV!!!!!!'
Posted 03/03/14 at 21:03:29

Seriously, you are cancelling one of the best shows with great ratings with a big cliffhanger? A&E will not be on my watch list anymore. You get us invested and then drop it? You could do away with any of the other stuff you have on and nobody would care. Lots of other channels out there to watch. Bye bye A&E.
Michelle Parks
Posted 02/24/14 at 04:26:40

What is the real reason The Glade was cancelled? How many shows need to be on the A&E network that show "scripted people" claiming to be realilty TV. What a joke!! What about Lomgmire??? is that cancelled too? I thought A&E was meant for Arts and Entertainment. Instead it's for Arrogance and Egos...shame on you A&E! I guess FX will be my new channel to watch.
Posted 02/13/14 at 15:09:46

The show was cancelled with a cliff hanger of whether or not Jim dies. I love this show. All the actors are great and the story lines are interesting. Cancel the stupid "reality" shows and keep the good shows like The Glades. I am really ticked off that you didn't renew this show.
Posted 01/24/14 at 12:49:43

Is it really cancelled???? Why don't you cancel those awful reality shows like duck dynasty, barter kings, storage wars etc. They are on continuously.....
Posted 01/17/14 at 16:38:23

I have just discovered that the Glades has been canceled. I enjoyed the show so much. It is a real gem and it is a mistake to cancel it; and without a giving it a proper ending proper ending is disrespectful for it's millions of fans.
Posted 12/28/13 at 07:43:24

I do throughly enjoy this show and trust you will not cancel it, little violance, and moderaste nude/sexyn scenes, which is fine with me, smooth story line (wish there were a Black actors or actrsses in the show), but I treuly enjoy the show and trust it will remain on the air, thanks!
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