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On Air: Jul 7, 2006 - Mar 26, 2014
Network: USA

Psych Renewed For Season 8

Ahead of season 7's premiere, an eighth has been ordered.

December 20, 2012

USA has renewed comedy series Psych for an eighth season. The news comes two months ahead of the show's seventh season premiere, which is scheduled for February 27, 2013. Word is that eight new episodes have been ordered for season 8.

On the air since 2006, Psych will hit the 100 episode mark early next season.

(Source: Twitter)

Comments (16)

Chaz B.
Posted 02/05/14 at 15:51:50

Harry's Law was garbage. Unwatchable and Psych is a corny show that does make you feel entertain. At the end of the day it does its purpose entertain unlike Harry's Law and Will and Grace and Friends after season six.
TH Watson Jr.
Posted 08/12/13 at 08:06:01

I used to hate the short seasons of these shows. But seeing how great a lot of them are! I now understand the brevity of them! I prefer quality over numbers!! And hope that Psych continues. I was disappointed that Leverage was cancelled! But sometimes it is best to go while on top!!
Posted 05/30/13 at 22:09:39

The point of Psych in not to be the typical serious crime drama. It is comedy plain and simple. I think its great!
Posted 04/11/13 at 21:20:29

I really wish that a Psych 2 would happen much like the Law and Order sequels where spin offs similar but different happen maybe even in different cities.
Posted 01/07/13 at 13:23:01

And when will season 8 premiere? Season 7 was delayed 6 months. So disappointing!
Posted 01/03/13 at 00:23:10

So many humbugs on this page!

Psych is one of the best comedy shows ever produced, I'm glad it's gotten recognition and the license to run a bit longer. Intelligent humor, subtle writing, and clever storytelling has kept me watching this gem for a while :)

I struggle to understand how anyone can watch this show and not have a good time, Shawn and Gus are two of the most loveable characters on television.
Posted 01/01/13 at 16:50:01

Am so happy to hear new episodes are on the way. These two guys are great together and so much fun to watch!
Posted 01/01/13 at 11:10:18

Just finished a netflix Psych marathon in anticipation for season 7. Had feared it would be the last season, but very happy to hear got at least two full seasons left. Here's hoping for a 9, 10, etc.
Posted 12/29/12 at 15:22:47

Psych is super entertaining and just all around good fun. Perfect for watching with the family. As a parent with 4 kids, that is growing increasingly harder to find.
Posted 12/28/12 at 01:14:35

AWESOME! This show is one of the best scripted shows on TV. The comedy is very subtle, yet completely works. Thanks USA Network, for recognizing gems like this and giving us fans another season. I thought i would miss Monk after it was cancelled, but you gave us Psych and are standing by it. Long live Psych!

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Genre: Comedy / Crime

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James Roday (Shawn)
Dulé Hill (Gus)
Timothy Omundson (Lassie)
Maggie Lawson (Jules)
Kirsten Nelson (Karen)
Corbin Bernsen (Henry)