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Jul 07, 2006 - Mar 26, 2014


Comedy / Crime




Shawn - James RodayGus - Dulé HillLassie - Timothy OmundsonJules - Maggie LawsonKaren - Kirsten NelsonHenry - Corbin Bernsen

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A buddy-comedy mystery series following a young crime consultant who convinces everyone he's psychic.

Shawn Spencer possesses heightened powers of observation, thanks to his father who taught him to remember all the smallest details of his surroundings.

When Shawn is accused of committing a crime that he actually solved, he convinces the Santa Barbara Police Department that he's psychic. Along with the reluctant help of his best friend Gus, Shawn starts solving cases for a skeptical, albeit impressed, police squad.

Comments (18)

07/12/17 at 09:19am

Tv movie. To air this December. Production started in May.
michael dobey
06/01/17 at 11:43am

A truly fun show. A tv movie should be done. Or a short miniseries.
10/31/13 at 11:55am

Not that I wish Maggie Lawson bad luck but her new show isn't doing so hot and it reported to be on the bubble of cancellation. If it gets canned I hope they order up additional episodes. There is no shortage of content for this show so it could easily do 10 seasons.
10/24/13 at 00:04am

Maggie(Jules) is going to another show I think ihoe this doesn't affect her time on the show if and when it co yes back buy I love the show I hope it comes back, soon.
10/08/13 at 08:31am

Psych is my favorite show on TV. Yes, silly. But I love the Shawn and Gus characters, and especially Gus' faces he makes. I'd prefer to see a return to Shawn putting his hand to his head, and highlighting the details he notices like they used to, but I laugh at loud at this show. The guest stars have also been varied and played great roles. Keep it going, tho I've heard it both ways,...
Jace Leigh
05/28/13 at 09:35am

This show I love!! It is funny and witty, and I love the 80's humor. My family and I love spotting the pineapple. Now because of 'Psych', I look forward to Pinapple Wednesday. And I have the same birthday as Shawn!! Don't be exactly half of an eleven pound ham, and watch the show!!
05/21/13 at 01:16pm

I'll miss this after its gone, only 1 more season left :(
Dakota nicholes
05/11/13 at 11:54am

This is a good show it better go on for a long show
04/14/13 at 02:43pm

This is probably one of the best shows on tv!!! So funny and entertaining! Way better than any other show!
01/15/13 at 04:03am

I don't see any misspelling in what c-dubbs wrote and it absolutely makes since that show is ridiculous. I don't think it should have lasted this long when secret circle and good put together shows like leverage are now off. I think u get stupid just watching it!!!!!

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