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On Air: Aug 13, 2007 - Jun 29, 2014
Network: Showtime

Californication Renewed For Season 7

Showtime has picked up another season for 2014.

January 29, 2013

Showtime announced today that Californication has been renewed for a seventh season. The long-running dramedy has continued to perform strongly for the network since debuting in 2007, displaying an impressive year-to-year audience growth.

Production on the show's next season will begin later this year, with a return set for 2014. No exact date is known at this time.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

Comments (27)

David Ayala
Posted 06/12/15 at 03:35:05

Please give us season eight, it's an awesome show really really love it !!!
Tiffany Hampton
Posted 01/14/15 at 23:11:54

Love the show give us an eighth season love the writting and harsh boldness. Sex is good too. Great storyline and comedy.
Posted 01/10/15 at 15:30:56

Please an EIGHth season... please, please, please
Posted 09/11/14 at 19:01:28

i love californication, please make a season 8 just come back together and do one more season for all your fans.. come on just one more for all good times
rosa di benedetto
Posted 06/03/14 at 12:30:27

I think Californication is absolutely brilliant , fine acting , the chemistry between the actors is incredible, so sad that the show is ending . i can watch Californication forever.
I rarely watch television , this is the only show I do watch.
Posted 04/09/14 at 19:39:45

I can't believe there are people out there that don't like this awesome series...and I can't believe it's ending, either! I think it's great writing and character development. I do think it is only fitting that Hank and Karen get back together because they are true soul mates--real love in life is chaotic. Sometimes it takes years to finally realize that you do belong to that other person in, mind, body and soul exclusively. However, you both have to find out for yourselves. After that, I think the show would have its true ending. Plus, why would you change their mannerisms or clothes? It's who they are as characters and what made the real viewers love them. It works on every dysfunctional level you can find...that's what makes this series so unique and fun to watch. David Duchovny is a great actor. It's ironic, actually, that the show has sex as one of its themes and he so happens to be a nymphomaniac in real life--his marriage to actress Tea Leoni failed after he started doing the show because of his sex addiction and he began sleeping with his costars. So in a way, he's a lot like his own character. Why can't we have great TV for once and keep it instead of being subjected to the same old crap---all the real s--- that needs to be flushed down the drain like lame ass reality TV, daytime talk shows, typical sitcoms/dramas, teeny bopper crap, formulaic CSI/Law & Order, and other predictable nonsense that's out there?? STOP cancelling good television! Some of us viewers actually like to watch something different for a change. Next thing you tell me is that the Walking Dead is going to end?!
Posted 11/15/13 at 02:05:56

I didn't even watch more than one ep. of last season, it's just become revolting. I don't care about any of the characters anymore, they have all become dumb morons who do nothing but try to outdo each other in being obnoxious. Boooooring. Kill off Hank in some kind of violent way at the start of the next season and the show would improve. Make the rest of the cast into zombies and bring in Walter White. It couldn't hurt.
Posted 09/17/13 at 14:19:05

love the show, until the gay shit, and yes every season gets crappier, would be great if it had a total make over and kept the same main ppl, but actually had a show with meaning,and depth,i didnt know its been on since '07, now i can see why its lacking
hank needs to open his own business or something, hes a writer not a rock star,not a movie producer "on this show at least" love the beautiful women, i wouldnt try to see it if they were not on it, love the tits ,needs more excitement
Posted 05/06/13 at 23:45:01

Yeah it's true, but it's not only about Hank and Karen, remember the other stories (Marcy and Runkle). I think they have been doing a great job, yes the first seasons are always better than the last ones. But the last episode of season 6 is going for something ( the final season perhaps)
Posted 04/28/13 at 23:32:03

Waiting for new season,always looking for it..
The breakups are what make the show work,get over it y'all,its a fantastic show!

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