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The Ricki Lake Show

On Air: Sep 10, 2012 - Feb 8, 2013
Network: Synd.

The Ricki Lake Show Cancelled After One Season

The daytime talk show will not return.

February 4, 2013

It is being reported that The Ricki Lake Show has been cancelled after one season.  The syndicated talk show, which is veteran host Ricki Lake's return to daytime television, premiered in September 2012 but failed to live up to ratings expectations.

Production on the series will continue through March 28, 2013.

(Source: TV by the Numbers)

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Comments (11)

Posted 06/18/13 at 10:18:11

The show failed because it was more about what she wanted or thought was best for the audience and this should have been reversed thinking. It is about what the audience wants to see and that is real life, hardcore information, real and popular celebrities, famous people, new events, anything except that stuff that people could care nothing about. This should have been the New Ricki Lake Show with just new things happening and occurring today. People are currently stuck on real reality television and this is what she should have given the public.
Posted 03/28/13 at 10:36:51

The show failed because Ricki was staring at the teleprompter the entire time and it was obvious. Not hard to be a "host" when all you do is stand up there and read.
The Great and Powerful Oz
Posted 03/14/13 at 19:53:41

Ricki Lake is not a high end bartender cocktail waitress she is a talk show host. She is about topics not image.
Oprah Winfrey is a very wealthy woman because of a very successful show. She is not what one would call a sex object. You my friend need to get back to reality.
Ricki did not fail because she was not hot enough for TV talk shows she failed because she could not reach her intended audience. Talk shows that are not trashy or that do not involve Oprah in non trashy formats will always fail.
I am sure Ricki did an okay job but non trashy talk shows that are not Oprah will probably fail from here on out. Oprah set the bar way too high and most people will never allow anyone who is not trashy to gain a foothold in the talk show market now.
Posted 03/01/13 at 12:07:35

in my oppinion the maury show needs to go.. sick to death of the same thing. "who's my baby's daddy" Really.. and it's the same kind of people.. Take it off the air
Posted 02/18/13 at 10:48:26

who is she or him Ricki Lake i have never heard of Ricki Lake
Posted 02/12/13 at 05:54:18

The show aired at 2am in my market, who is up to watch? That says it all.
Posted 02/09/13 at 14:14:39

Has Ricki Lake learned anything from having a talk show. You not attractive and people want nothing to do with you. Leave the talk show business to more attractive women who people want to see on tv.
Posted 02/08/13 at 15:21:02

Katie will be the next one! None of these shows are anywhere near as good as Oprah because they dont have Oprah!
Posted 02/06/13 at 13:24:18

Her show use to be good but that was back n tha day. I guess she's played out.
Sunshine Girl
Posted 02/05/13 at 21:54:49

That was Ricki Lake?! I kept thinking, "why is Demi Moore trying to host a talk show?"

The void Oprah left behind remains as infinite as ever.

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