The Ricki Lake Show

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Sep 10, 2012 - Feb 08, 2013






Host - Ricki Lake

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A talk show hosted by Ricki Lake.

Ricki Lake returns for her second go-round hosting a syndicated talk show, this time in a topical conversation format reflecting Lake's own personal journey and life experiences.

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helder wit
11/15/14 at 08:27pm

Just like the last show she had, lame. The only people watching it were in the projects on welfare
12/06/13 at 08:16am

What?! Ricki Lake cancelled?! OK this used to air in th UK, and I used to watch it when visiting the states. Not like religiously, just something to watch. Surprises me that a talk show thats been around for...years gets cancelled lol
11/03/13 at 06:50am

Did they learn from her first go around?
Brenda Panagapko
07/05/13 at 07:57am

Why on earth would you cancel Rickie Lake. It seems when something is great you cancel it. Take all the other garbage off instead.
05/28/13 at 06:24am

I loved the old RLS. Saw the return as a return to fun television, not what I saw. New focus (not bad, just different) with "issues" now. Just not too watchable.
05/17/13 at 11:07am

Good riddance is right! God, she is so sickening. Whatever her guests' ailments, issues, or problems are, she always has to throw in, "well, I never experienced this personally" or "that never happened to me," but "let's see if we can help you." Don't interject that you were lucky enough to not go through a horrendous experience.
05/12/13 at 09:58pm

OMG finally she was far too annoying.
05/12/13 at 06:36am

Good riddance! Couldn't stand her the first time around.
04/14/13 at 07:12am

why cancel this good show.. used to hate ricki.. but, this show was wonderful...

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