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Necessary Roughness

On Air: Jun 29, 2011 - Aug 21, 2013
Network: USA

USA Cancels Necessary Roughness

The drama will not return for a fourth season.

November 20, 2013

USA Network has cancelled Necessary Roughness after three seasons. The drama, which premiered in 2011, aired its final episode on August 21, 2013.

(Source: Yahoo)

Comments (21)

Posted 11/22/13 at 15:55:59

Unbelievable. This was a good show. Please bring the show back.
Posted 11/20/13 at 20:01:12

All they had to do was drop the kids from the show - they didn't need to complete frame-off rebuild. #overkill.
Kinda bummed for Callie Thorne - show she stars in getting cancelled on her birthday.
Stamos can sure come in and end *every show he's ever been on,* eh?
Posted 11/20/13 at 17:53:50

I agree with Stephen. Season 3 was lesser than expected. Leaving the hawks was a mistake.
Posted 11/20/13 at 16:38:20

Not surprised. They took everything that made the show interesting from the first two seasons and got rid of it. The new boyfriend, the kids, the sports stars. They substituted "celebrities" and "scandals". Good riddance!
Posted 11/20/13 at 14:14:27

Have to agree season 3 was poor compared to previous seasons. Leaving the hawks franchise was a mistake.
Posted 11/20/13 at 13:49:29

Don't suppose I'll miss it. I didn't care for the sports theme, but it was a decent show. I honestly only watched it because Callie Thorne left such an impression from rescue me.
Posted 11/20/13 at 13:16:30

lol Sarah you're so funny that last line crack me up.
Posted 11/20/13 at 12:58:10

Cancelled? NO! I loved the third season and the changes!
Posted 11/20/13 at 12:56:34

Typical. You know, cable took viewers from network TV cause the networks had (and mostly still have) crap while cable had off beat, interesting shows. So, cancel a pretty good show cause, I am sure, there is a line of twits ready to sell you 'reality' shows full if big chested, big butt women with their pin head boy friends ready to scream at each other and run around with minimal clothing. Cheap. Well, enjoy the savings - Hey? Where did our viewers go?????
Posted 11/20/13 at 11:23:54

This is one of my favorite shows. Stop canceling the good shows and keeping CRAP shows on the air!

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Callie Thorne (Dani)
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Scott Cohen (Nico)
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