Necessary Roughness

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Jun 29, 2011 - Aug 21, 2013






Dani - Callie ThorneMatthew - Marc BlucasNico - Scott CohenLindsay - Hannah MarksRay - Patrick JohnsonT.K. - Mehcad Brooks

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A drama following a single mother who becomes a therapist for a pro sports team.

Dani is a no-nonsense single mother facing tough times. In order to stay afloat, she accepts a position as a therapist for a pro football team.

When Dani's style of 'tough love' counseling starts to catch on, her career begins to flourish and she soon finds herself fielding requests from celebrities, musicians, and politicians for her services.

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11/26/15 at 10:46pm

I think that the people should have a choice. I personally don't like reality tv, who cares what people do all day. Following them with a camera watching them fight with each other etc. I would much rather watch shows like this. Shame that whoever is in charges seems to be lacking in what people like to watch or need to watch to unwind.
10/09/14 at 02:30pm

This is another of my favorite shows that have been cancelled! I really hate this. My nephew says this is the only show he liked to watch. He is 19. I would say the age group for this show is pretty diverse!
08/28/14 at 03:00am

Reply loved this show. Never boring. Intriguing. What the hell is wrong with the executives. Oh yeah criisley knows best-- let me barf. Show not catching the 18-40 crowd for unnecessary roughness??? How about remembering who pays the bills. Get ur head examined
06/04/14 at 05:11pm

The networks have boobs for executives. This was a good show. Instead you put crap on like Chrisley knows best....or whatever it's called.....I'm done with the USA network. Really!
03/17/14 at 03:38pm

Sad to see this one go, but not surprised. Maybe they should have focused more on Dani's work life and less on her personal bs. And a LOT less on Terrance King.
03/10/14 at 01:16pm

Another good show that should never have been canceled. Why not get rid of some of the stupid reality shows? They are worthless.
I use to watch USA all of the time, but now they have very little to offer.
03/07/14 at 01:09am

This sucks!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed this guilty pleasure. I hated it when Marc Blucas left, he was starting to really pull you in. Changing who he was to move up the ladder, but fighting to keep his sanity & love life. But they brought in the reporter & she was great for conflict but that plot line was never gonna work. With the fans & if they renewed they could bring Marc back due to a miss carriage. & separation. This show should be the easiest show to write for. All the drama is unfolding in the real world & is giving the USA Network a pluthera of ideas! So please don't waste the opportunities. John Stamos has nothing to do with why it's being xcld, he's a great talent, but he's better with humor & dramedy. I am not bashing him, he just j ust needs to play to his strengths. He could still contribute to this show. So rewind a little, go back to how the first season came about, and rebuild from there. This show has great potential!!!!!! Plus Scott Cohen is worth staying up late for!!!!! SEXY!!! Hope someone with some influence atleast reads this, it's all I can ask for.
02/21/14 at 11:36am

Well; That Cancellation Was Just Stupid -
02/14/14 at 10:18am

Certain people can make anything they touch gold, John Stamos was on two shows in the past year and they got cancelled. Because someone is attractive doesn't make them talented. After Dani Santino was fired from the hawks, show should've been done there. I will miss this show, Pre-John Stamos.
09/10/13 at 05:45pm

Dani is a horny woman of very loose morals as most people in this show are. But that's what most people want to watch because society is rapidly decaying into a moral cesspool.

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