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On Air: Jul 9, 2010 - Dec 17, 2015
Network: Syfy

Haven Renewed For Season 5

Syfy has given a double episode order for next season.

January 28, 2014

Syfy announced today that Haven has been renewed for a double-sized fifth season that will consist of 26 episodes. The news comes on the heels of the show's recently-wrapped fourth season, which was up 3% year-to-year in the Adults 18-49 demographic, with a healthy average of 2.3 million total viewers per week.

The first 13 episodes of Season 5 will premiere in the fall of 2014, with the second half of the season scheduled for sometime in 2015.

(Source: Syfy)

Comments (28)

Posted 10/19/15 at 01:28:20

i love this show too & there's SO much left unsaid. Unbelievable stupidity on Syfy's part.
linda Murphy
Posted 06/24/15 at 04:00:14

I am so glad it did not get canceled. I love all the characters, they are pure entertainment. I am looking forward to the next season.
Posted 05/21/15 at 18:00:57

Gotta agree with Amy. They didn't extend the show's fifth season to 26 episodes, they just bought season five AND six as one package. Supposedly they're going to air the rest of season five in the fall of 2015? Season five started in the fall of 2014... Hmmmm usually when a show starts in the fall, lays down a number of episodes, then takes a nine month break and starts up again that's the start of a new season
Posted 05/17/15 at 04:06:20

They ordered 26 episodes to get everyone excited. They aired the first 13 in the fall of 2014, and they are airing the second half, last 13 episodes, in the fall of 2015. Hmmm....Sounds like they just ordered TWO seasons and wanted everyone to be on edge, waiting for that second half. This was a publicity stunt to increase viewers. This kind of crap gives me a headache. I'll just wait until it's canceled, and then I'll watch it, without the year breaks, on Netflix. :-)
Posted 09/08/14 at 13:52:43

Thursday September 11, Season five - Episode one...
Judith Kay
Posted 07/17/14 at 20:47:15

I am so happy Haven will still be on. I've been watching Eric Balfour since he was a teen on tv. Love the whole show!
Posted 06/09/14 at 15:38:55

Watching reruns right now, can't wait for the new season!
Frank DeLeon
Posted 05/26/14 at 10:53:47

Love this show can't wait for it to return
pamela white
Posted 05/18/14 at 02:00:44

..England loves Haven...Can't wait for it to return....x
Posted 04/18/14 at 03:20:28

havens coming back so pumped William better come back

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