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Breaking Bad

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Network: AMC

A drama following a terminally ill man who turns to crime to secure his family's financial future.

Walter White is a chemistry teacher living in New Mexico with his wife and teenage son, who has cerebral palsy. When Walter is given two years to live after being diagnosed with cancer, he turns to crime as a way to ensure his family is provided for after he dies. With a new sense of fearlessness due to his fatal diagnosis, Walter finds himself thriving in the drug trade.

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Posted 04/22/16 at 13:50:32

OOP it Bob Odenkirk not John Odenkirk. Sorry
Posted 04/22/16 at 13:48:53

I just watched Breaking Bad for the complete series on NETFLIX. This is the best series ever!. Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Arron Paul and John Odenkirk is one of the best actors to date. Job well done for the actors. Great Shows! I am glad that I saw the series. To my understand that the show "Better Call Saul" time line was taken place ten years before the event of Breaking Bad. I hope Better Call Saul should be good too.
Congratulation to Cast,Directors and Writers for the great show ever created.
Posted 10/20/14 at 20:42:37

Honestly, the only show I'd ever felt "addicted" to. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever...but I did love the ending.
Posted 10/12/14 at 04:50:16

This as got to be the worst show ever how is it so over rated bad actors so unreal and depressingly boring they could use this as a form of torture.
Posted 09/27/14 at 05:02:59

I'm wrong. Story was a hoax. Too bad.
Posted 08/28/14 at 12:06:21

I just read Season 6 starts shooting in January.
Posted 07/23/14 at 08:40:12

I love this show it is best show out there
the cast was very good there will be no other like this one.
Posted 07/06/14 at 00:10:08

i love this show it better lot of this show now
Posted 03/02/14 at 18:15:56

I loved this show .. Was sad to see it end!!
Posted 10/08/13 at 05:06:10

One of what I consider the top two groundbreaking and shining examples of excellent television I have seen in forty years of viewing. Vince, Bryan, Aaron and cast: thank you for five years of an incredible sustained experience. From the music to the wardrobe choices to the set decoration and the truly awesome writing and performances, this was a brilliant example of video literature. I'm so glad my son got me to watch this. Thank you AMC for putting your dollars behind quality viewing.

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Genre: Drama

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Bryan Cranston (Walter)
Anna Gunn (Skyler)
Aaron Paul (Jesse)
Dean Norris (Hank)
RJ Mitte (Walter Jr.)
Betsy Brandt (Marie)
Bob Odenkirk (Saul)
Giancarlo Esposito (Gus)
Jonathan Banks (Mike)