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Sep 09, 2008 - Jan 18, 2013




Drama / Sci-fi


Olivia - Anna TorvPeter - Joshua JacksonWalter - John NobleBroyles - Lance ReddickCharlie - Kirk AcevedoNina - Blair BrownAstrid - Jasika NicoleJohn - Mark ValleyDr. Bell - Leonard Nimoy

A science fiction drama following an inter-agency task force of the FBI as they use unorthodox techniques to investigate a series of unexplained phenomenon occurring all over the world.

The Fringe Division team is based in Boston, Massachusetts and operate under the supervision of Homeland Security. FBI agent Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop are faced with a rapidly spreading unexplained occurrences that could threaten mankind. In an attempt to stop the spread, they enlist the assistance of Peter's estranged father, an institutionalized scientist.

When their investigation leads to multi-billion dollar corporation Massive Dynamic, they will discover that there is more behind these occurrences that is part of a larger, shocking truth.

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Barry Memory
06/21/16 at 02:07am

Second best Science Fiction ever on television. (Best was Firefly.) Walter was one of my favorite characters on any TV show ever.
06/01/14 at 07:05am

It actually concluded on January 25, 2013.
06/01/14 at 07:05am

It's actually having syndication on TNT.
05/31/14 at 10:07am

Don't worry, everybody. I put Fringe on Christian's World Network because it really is good, along with Bones, Person of Interest, Castle, and Grimm.
03/02/14 at 06:16pm

I loved this show .. Was sad to see it end!! Still missing it!!!
02/10/14 at 04:25pm

06/15/13 at 12:12pm

I so look forward to each new season. I'm sorry to see that it will be ending.
Is the show ending because the actors want to move on, or the writers are wanting out, or the viewership is down?
Can anyone answer these questions?
01/19/13 at 05:10pm

I'll miss Anna Torv the most she definitely has jé né séqua (probably misspelled) ... super attractive !!!
Fringe story
01/17/13 at 06:47pm

If you re-watch each episode starting with the first you will see that each season is related and the fifth season answers all the questions and is the end of the story. The observers were in early on if you look you see
cameos. They can however keep the show going as a clean-up of all the monsters created after they defeat observers but I doubt they will bring it back.
01/16/13 at 07:16pm

It will be missed.

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