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Sons of Anarchy

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Network: FX

A drama focused on the lives of a close-knit outlaw motorcycle club.

Sons of Anarchy follows members of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Chapter (SAMCRO), their families, townspeople, and the various rivals and associates who undermine or support the club's legal and illegal operations.

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Posted 08/23/15 at 22:21:48

One of the best series of all times. It's in my top 5.
Posted 11/04/14 at 23:26:07

Don't pay over the odds for any episodes find it on internet.
It has deteriorated anyway so just as well it is coming to an end. The characters have lost a lot of beleivability as it is heading into a weird soap type world.
Posted 10/18/14 at 17:36:16

SOA didn't get cancelled, Sutter always said he only wanted to do a 7 season run.
Posted 03/17/14 at 13:21:17

"Sons of Anarchy" - FANTASTIC SHOW! And I only got involved in the last few seasons after a friend shared his obsession with this program. Now I have to join Amazon Prime to see all the prior episodes from the beginning. Love this show and these characters!
Please keep renewing for more and more seasons .. don't quit! You're only getting even better and better with the story lines and acting! Many .. MANY of us are so addicted to you and this show!!
Posted 03/02/14 at 16:33:56

This is the Best most AWESOME show ever ..... Great write up Lisa... The show I hear has one more season which is so sad
Posted 10/29/13 at 07:56:58

Hey John.. I adore the Shield also. 'Lem' and 'Shane' both do special cameo appearances in Sons.. you've never been as astounded as you will be seeing Walt Goggins playing a T girl :) Always knew he had a great ass!! lol
Posted 10/23/13 at 04:00:50

tht is horrible tht sons of anarchy is being cancelled
Posted 09/11/13 at 13:37:10

The Shield is my favorite show... ever. I have not yet watched Sons of Anarchy, but I can't imagine anything being as good as Vic, Lem, and Shane. :)
Posted 07/19/13 at 04:24:37

they didn't cancel it
charles taulbee
Posted 05/27/13 at 07:54:37

why did they cancel sons of anarchy

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Genre: Drama

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Charlie Hunnam (Jax)
Katey Sagal (Gemma)
Mark Boone Jr. (Bobby)
Dayton Callie (Wayne)
Kim Coates (Tig)
Tommy Flanagan (Chibs)
Ryan Hurst (Opie)
Johnny Lewis (Half Sack)
William Lucking (Piney)
Theo Rossi (Juice)
Maggie Siff (Tara)
Ron Perlman (Clay)