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Full Throttle Saloon

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Network: truTV

A reality series that takes a look inside the world's largest biker bar.

Only open for 10 days a year every August, the Full Throttle Saloon in Sturgis, SD is the world's largest biker bar.

Cameras follow owner Mike Ballard and his staff as they scramble to serve the 300,000+ patrons that visit the saloon for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Events during the festivities include big name concerts and burlesque shows - all part of the effort to make a full year's salary in the short time frame.

Comments (21)

Georgia Boy
Posted 07/11/17 at 17:11:43

Best show on TV so bring it back!
Jack bell
Posted 07/09/17 at 07:31:19

It sucks the show is no more. Useless shows like orange county housewives stay on. That trash show Kardashian stays on, this is shot. Want this show back.
Posted 06/21/17 at 07:17:11

Michael man you got to bring the show back. The wife and I watched every episode and loved it and miss it. Come Mike get it back on tv!!!
Posted 06/16/17 at 10:55:15

Hi Micheal and Angie, please bring back the show, I watched the show every time. I would like to see how BIG the baby is now. Your saloon in on my bucket list.
Thank you.
Posted 06/03/17 at 11:57:03

I'll tell you this is a bunch of frkin bs cancel what had to be the baddest ass show they ever had on tru tv hell for any channel sucks GET IT BACK ON Disgruntled Biker ...........
Posted 12/14/16 at 13:10:23

Tru tv sucks they cancelled all the good shows! F T S was one the rage best they had and now nobody carries it! Destination America had I think 3 shows and then dissapeard front that useless channel! Tru tv sucks I don't even watch a commercial on that station!!!
Posted 12/09/15 at 12:01:37

The show is now on a new network called Destination America.
Posted 12/02/15 at 09:15:21

My girlfriend and I loved this show. We used to watch it everytime it was on, sometimes we'd even watch reruns. It was one of the best reality shows ever and you could tell that it wasn't scripted at all. I was wondering what happened to it, sucks it got cancelled.
Posted 10/20/15 at 15:33:02

That is a bummer no more FTS best wishes to you Michael and your family you guy's made the show
Posted 10/19/15 at 20:50:13

whah! I do sit here saddened that the fire demolished everything. I am fighting breast cancer and looked so forward too see a news season with your new princess! It keeps me in a happy place.Watching all you when I am falling asleep. I know that sounds dorky, but hey I am dorky! I will miss you all, I have pretty much grown to respect you people. I especially love the way you all can get upset with each other and look back at it later and apologize to each other when you feel it right. I will keep my eyes open, congrats on the expanding family! Much love to you all. Take care now!!!

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