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Lopez Tonight

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Network: TBS

A late-night talk show starring comedian George Lopez.

Lopez Tonight is an hour-long talk show that features George Lopez delivering a monologue and interviewing celebrity guests on a nightly basis.

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Posted 08/10/12 at 02:43:54

I watched his show a few times but had to turn it off because I couldn't take how he kept shifting his body and extending his hand out from left to right, left to right.... Even when he stopped to do something, you could always put money down that he would pick up in the exact spot he left off. Like a robot. To put icing on the cake he wasn't funny at all....more offensive at best. What surprised me about this show is that it stayed on the air as long as it canceled and apparently he's getting another show on another network. Really?
Posted 05/12/12 at 07:19:35

Lopez does not think like we do. We came legally and no one from our family - past or present were in gangs. He put all mexican's to shame on gangs.
Francisco Rubio
Posted 03/28/12 at 01:05:51

George Lopez thinks that all black-brown or latin-based races think the same way he does.

My parents are from Cuba. They came here LEGALLY. I was born just outside of Miami, FL. We don't think the same way Mr. Lopez does - far from it. It's idiots like him who perpetuate a huge amount of ignorance from his ideological corner of the world (his own racist world).

We have worked VERY hard here in America... and we don't need another 'voice' (aka George Lopez) to spread lies regarding how minorities like myself and my family supposedly (suredly, right George?) feel towards America. We, as legal immigrants, embrace America and thank GOD every day we have the opportunity to live and work here. We consider ourselves AMERICANS, not Latin-Americans.

Thank God his show is gone (and please don't come back on the air, George). It wasn't really funny, anyway - even if his usual biased politics or views on race had never been mentioned (which they ALWAYS were, of course).
Posted 01/17/12 at 06:06:05

About time the racist got canned.
The United States of America
Posted 01/15/12 at 15:56:37

George Lopez is a douche bag, and he didn't deserve a show, just like he doesn't deserve to be on TV.

The truth is that the networks don't care about quality programming, they want return on investment only. Boycott TV - and Lopez :)
Posted 10/12/11 at 06:09:57

About time! George sucked. His political views, he made very public. Way too radical.

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