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Pit Boss

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Network: Animal

A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Previous Viewer
Posted 11/19/15 at 19:51:02

I used to watch Animal Planet all the time too. Why do good shows like Pit Boss disappear? You really don't offer anything decent anymore. I don't remember the last time I tuned in to your channel. Bring it back!
Joanne L.
Posted 10/24/15 at 17:15:43

Hey. .animal cops and Pitt boss were good shows with a message ....what happened,
Posted 10/11/15 at 16:27:00

What happened to pit boss your channel has gone down it's about the animals remember it's called animal planet. Uh. Duh
Joyce walk
Posted 10/08/15 at 12:12:23

Bring back pit boss please.
James Mabe
Posted 10/03/15 at 18:52:59

Bring back Shorty and his show "Pit Boss"! Best show on TV and it got cancelled! What gives?
Janeen Stackhouse
Posted 09/21/15 at 19:57:50

Why are my comments not being put on comment list?! You people ARE ******* ******!!!!! That don't know what good shows are. What happened to Animal Planet?!?!? BOOOO!!!!treehouse masteres BOOOOO!!!! bigfoot hunters!!! Bring back Pitboss, Emergency vets, Animalcops. All the stuff that animal planet used to and should be about ANIMALS and helping them!
Janeen Stackhouse
Posted 09/21/15 at 18:48:23

YA! WHAT THE HECK?!?! Animal planet most of your shows suck like hunting for bigfoot. Alot of the shows are crap.Iused to watch it all the time now not so much, only the good shows about animals and helping them. Should'nt that be what it's all about?? It used to be. Did you forget your animal planet??? Or do you now just have some ******* *****running the show who is catering to *****'s??!!! Well hopfully their are more smart poeple that know we need show's like pit boss and pitbulls and parolee's, and other shows that help the animals in the world, Especially the abused and misuderstood animals like pits. WHERE'S THE CRAPPY TV SHOW COP'S WHEN YOU NEED THEM??? BRING BACK PIT BOSS!!!!
Posted 09/15/15 at 01:27:38

I first got hooked on animal planet when Steve Erwin the crocodile hunter aired we lost Steve due to his accident- Then I got hook on Pit Boss- I have not watched animal plant since the final show of Pit Boss. I loved the whole crew and what they were about. Why was it canceled- what happen? If animal planet wanted it ;it would happen. Sorry you have lost me as a viewer.
Leone Schermerhorn
Posted 09/04/15 at 18:23:55

I can't imagine why Pit Boss would be cancelled! I loved it. I very much agree with previous comments stating that pointless shows such as Dirty Jobs are on Animal Planet and they have nothing to do with animals. Bring back Shorty and the crew!
Westmoreland 1
Posted 08/30/15 at 18:25:48

Bring back Shorty and the crew with a new twist - focus more on the animals with the entertainment function of the business taking more of a background position. In any event, BRING IT BACK!

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