Pit Boss

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Jan 16, 2010 - Mar 30, 2013


Animal Planet




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A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

Comments (157)

04/08/18 at 06:04pm

The people who cancelled Pit Boss are freaking idiots that show was the best ever it focused on pit bulls helping them please bring it back or just continue being a f****** moron
Camelia HambyPit
04/06/18 at 07:23pm

Pit Boss was a really good show...miss it...bring it back...Shorty cared for the pit bulls and helped so many dogs and people out there...miss the whole crew that worked in his office...thanks...please reconsider bringing it back to Animal Planet...thanks again.
Angelina Crow
11/29/17 at 05:52am

Bring back the show that was one of my favorites on Animal Planet why did it get cancelled
10/26/17 at 06:58pm

So Sad to hear about Hercules.
R. I. P.
10/26/17 at 06:57pm

Please bring this show back.
This was my Favorite Show on Animal Planet.
10/26/17 at 06:37pm

RIP Hercules...Heard the sad news today...Prayers for shorty
Betty Scott
10/18/17 at 01:10pm

Bring Shortywould Pit Boss back liss it
Mary Washburn
08/21/17 at 06:26am

I so miss this show. Loved all the people on it. Even bought the book. Love you Shorty and miss you so much. They need to bring this show back. Better than alot of shows on now.
Brenna C.
07/26/17 at 08:31pm

I miss this show! I can't believe that not only was it cancelled, but that Shorty's rescue is no longer operational either! He was such a huge presence and voice for the pitbulls. I know his health was on the decline and his crew was starting to go in separate directions and different paths, but it makes me so sad. I especially loved how Shorty didn't put up with anyone's BS, regardless their size. Love yah Shorty, hope you're doing ok! Would be great to see you back in action some day 💖
Mariel Agent
07/15/17 at 12:15pm

I really miss watching Pit Boss. This show was amazing and I respect Shorty for trying to help this amazing breed of dog that we all know as the Pitbull. These are wonderful dogs that are highly misunderstood! Dogs are so loyal, loving, and genuine! These dogs are not bad. The humans are the dangerous ones here! You cannot blame an animal for what humans have done in error! This show is missed and I'd love to see it come back on television! Animals need humans love and compassion, not negativity and misunderstanding!

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