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Pit Boss

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Network: Animal

A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Bobbi Blanck
Posted 12/01/16 at 09:41:52

Bring back pit boss! The tree house & aquarium show needs to go! ANIMALS! Need to be on ANIMAL Planet!
Posted 11/27/16 at 14:58:46

I used to not like pit bulls. My oldest son got me watching Pit Boss and I fell in love. Please bring the show back.
Posted 11/20/16 at 01:56:01

We want to see ANIMALs. As in "Animal Planet". Bring back Shirty and the pit bulls.
Posted 11/09/16 at 21:06:19

It was one of the best shows on television please bring it back
Barb Robinson
Posted 11/08/16 at 08:13:51

Animal planet is a network for animals not all the other things you put on please bring back pitt boss it was great work shorty did for the putts the most misunderstood breed of dogs thankyou
Jim kennedy
Posted 10/26/16 at 07:55:03

I miss the crew on Pitt boss and the show. Please bring the show back.
Marianne Flowers
Posted 10/26/16 at 06:53:01

I too miss Shorty and the gang.Animal planet used to be my all time favorite channel. Not anymore.I don't like the tree house/Aquariumy shows.I also miss the Animal rescue shows. (ASPCA)
Please consider all of our opinions.
Posted 10/22/16 at 08:45:36

I also agree w everyone's comments . I watch animal planet to learn about animals and see them rescued and saved. I came here to say pit boss is missed in my house we loved shorty . Please bring it back and do new animal cops too please ! Cannot watch shows about tree houses so stupid . Also miss infested, this channel needs to be 100% animals . Thank you !
Denise Barr
Posted 10/13/16 at 07:33:43

Please bring back Pit Boss I really enjoyed the show. I find myself watching other channels, not into the pools and treehouses.
Tonia Mertz
Posted 10/04/16 at 10:16:48

Please put Pit Boss back on the air. Shorty and his crew are a true inspiration to animal lovers such as myself. A part of me is missing without them in my life

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Genre: Reality

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