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Pit Boss

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Network: Animal

A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Westmoreland 1
Posted 08/30/15 at 18:25:48

Bring back Shorty and the crew with a new twist - focus more on the animals with the entertainment function of the business taking more of a background position. In any event, BRING IT BACK!
Posted 08/03/15 at 08:42:59

Bring back pity boss and take off all shows that have nothing to do with animals!!!!!Their are allot of good shows on animal channel, but if they are not about animals they should be on another channel!!!!!!
Posted 08/02/15 at 15:37:07

Redwood Kings, Pool Masters (other pools shows), Ice Lake Rebels, Swamp,d, Mud Lovin Rednecks, Flipping Ships, Finding Bigfoot (r u serious) and others...What do they have in common?! NO ANIMALS!!! Ain't the channel called Animal Planet!! Bring back Pitboss, Turtleman all shows to do with rescuing, helping, protecting, healing animals!!!!
Cathy white
Posted 07/23/15 at 02:25:11

Why was Pitt boss canceled? That was a good show I thought the network was animal planet now it has trash on that has nothing to do with animals tree house master dirty jobs. What do these shows have to do with animals. None of the good shows are on anymore like animal cops emergency vets. Why has the quality of the shows on animal planet gone to hell?
Liz Gonzalez
Posted 07/21/15 at 04:42:00

BRING BACK PITT BOSS (A show with an actual purpose), and CANCEL THE KARDASHIANS!!!
derek booker
Posted 07/14/15 at 21:34:43

Please bring back shorty and the crew ... I love them
Posted 07/02/15 at 21:09:02

I agree, bring Pit Boss with Shorty & friends back. That show was a lot better then the stupid ones that are on now i.e. "River Monsters", "Dirty Jobs", "Bounty Hunters", etc. What do they have to do with animals anyway?
Posted 06/20/15 at 17:51:51

I'm an old lady and I love pitt bulls. I've had two. I enjoyed watching Shorty and his crew. I'm curious and would love to know what everyone is doing and Shorty' s dogs, are they ok. Even if Shorty' s original crew couldn't come back, Surely, Shorty could come back with a new bunch he could pick on.
Posted 06/19/15 at 15:39:35

Pit Boss was a great show. I enjoyed watching Shorty and his pit bulls and his rescue of other pit bulls. Wish it would come back.
Leone Schermerhorn
Posted 06/15/15 at 17:25:21

I miss Pit Boss. Why would Animal Planet cancel it? Animal Planet has really declined in quality! They just keep repeating the same few show over and over and over. I am anxious to know what is happening with Shorty, Sebastian, Ronald, et al!! Please bring the show back.

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Genre: Reality

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