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Pit Boss

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A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Cesar gonzalez
Posted 02/07/16 at 14:24:06

can't blame Animal planet FOR showing what they show, i guess they have there reasons, but their are lots of really big ideas for great shows that people would glue there eyes on the set to watch, for sure i would love to see shorty the Pitt boss back on, or even they could put him and crew on a show , call PITT bull , or real dog show ,were if they can't travel they send somebody around the would to explore all about Pitts or any kinds of dogs or pets. what people do with them good or bad if bad, what we can do to help them. there is lots of door's and idea's . wish i could help i would put my life to help a animal don't matter what it is or where.
Posted 02/07/16 at 11:14:21

I agree with everyone. ..WTF?? I haven't watched this channel, in, I can't tell u how long. ..I used to watch this channel all the time, until the idiots in programming thought they shud take all the "rescue" and "ANIMAL" shows, off the air, to put treehouse builders and redneck-type programs, THAT HAVE ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY, NOTHING TO DO WITH ANIMALS. ..HELLOOOOOO!!#!!!!!!!!!!!. ..oh wait I did like TURTLE MAN, but he isn't even on anymore, probably because he's about ANIMALS. ...WOW WHAT A CONCEPT, ESPECIALLY SINCE THE NAME OF THIS CHANNEL IS "ANIMAL PLANET".....somebody forgot to remind the programming "MORONS" at AP, about what the name of their channel is. .smmfh
jocelyn triggle
Posted 01/30/16 at 21:16:53

yes bring back new animal cops houston pit boss why do you have finding big foot tree masters that is not about animal
andrea breuer
Posted 01/05/16 at 07:29:22

I agree with all the posts loved animal cops and pit boss hate all the other stuff except pit bulls and parolees don't like reruns much but better than some of the stuff..
Posted 01/03/16 at 12:10:07

i miss animal cops detroit houston miami and shorty
Horse chiropractor
Posted 01/01/16 at 09:31:46

Loved animal cops,emergency vets,pit boss, bring those shows back. This crap finding bigfoot 600lb life excuse me but this is animal planet should be animals
I quit watching because of the poor venue that this channel has become. Still love pitbulls & paroles, and the animal vet shows but the rest is crap.
Posted 12/17/15 at 03:07:00

Animal Planet has lost its appeal when it stopped showing ANIMALS shows like PIT BOSS,ANIMALCOPS,EMERGENCY VETS these were GREAT shows! I have not watched animal Planet since the SEASON finale of Pit Boss!! PLEASE BRING BACK THE SHOWS THAT MADE YOU and STOP showing "reality" shows that have nothing to do with ANIMALS!
Posted 12/07/15 at 13:32:59

they will csncel this awesome show about saving innocent animals but still air finding bigfoot which is about rednecks trying to find a creature that doesn't exist!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't stand animal planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lavonne Broussard
Posted 12/06/15 at 20:15:05

Please bring back
Pitbull boss l like
Injoyed the show
Put it back on pls.
Previous Viewer
Posted 11/19/15 at 19:51:02

I used to watch Animal Planet all the time too. Why do good shows like Pit Boss disappear? You really don't offer anything decent anymore. I don't remember the last time I tuned in to your channel. Bring it back!

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