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Pit Boss

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A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Rick Nelson
Posted 08/21/14 at 14:57:27

I read somewhere once that "Pit Boss" was the top rated show on Animal Planet. I have not read anything as to why Animal Planet cancelled the show. "Pit Bulls and Parolees" is still on, but I enjoyed both of them and wish Shorty and his crew would return. It was really inspiring watching little people catch and get pit bulls the help they needed. Shorty had a few comic moments which added to the show.
Posted 08/18/14 at 08:45:56

If Shorty's back problems are too much for him to continue filming the show, I understand. But, if it's a rating issue, I find that hard to believe. Everyone I know loves his show and have become invested in the rest of the crew as well. Sebastian and Ronald are great, and I love their drama, MEN!, and Ashley is a firecracker! Most importantly, I admire their work and dedication to the pits!
Posted 08/13/14 at 00:05:11

I agree with all of the comments presented here, I would also like to add and miss "Big Cat Diary" and "Escape to Chimp Eden"
Sara g
Posted 08/02/14 at 23:02:50

Please bring pit boss on again!!!!! My grandson and I love the show.
jocelyn triggle
Posted 07/26/14 at 12:46:39

were is pit boss bring it back please are you going to do more animal cop houston last new episde was 2009 please take off treehouse master and pool masters dirty jobs what does it have to do with animals
Posted 07/24/14 at 17:29:57

How can they take pit boss off, and replace it with shows that have nothing to do with animals. We need more shows that help people understand animals, I thought that was the purpose of Animal Planet.
Julie kline
Posted 07/24/14 at 09:59:39

I used to love animal planet. All the shows were animal related. My favorite was the veterinary er in Colorado. I have also really comes to enjoy Pit Boss and Pitbulls and Parolees. I have to tell you Treehouse Masters and the ads for Ice Lake Rebels and the Redwood shows have no place on Animal Planet!!! I've watched Treehouse and get annoyed with these people and their oodles of money that can afford these tree houses and act all aloof and better than everyone else. Absolutely hate the show. BRING BACK THE SHOWS WITH THE ANIMALS!!! ESPECIALLY ONES THAT EDUCATE PEOPLE AND/OR THE SHOWS FOCUSED ON RESCUES!!!
Posted 07/23/14 at 17:39:48

Animal Planet please bring Pit boss back!! Everyone loves all dogs and Shorty and crew are great.I don't care for your shows that has treehouses ,dirty jobs or anything that does not have any animals in it.So why would you take away something as good as Pit Boss, but you did cancel Dog Whisper which was a great show.I just watch less and less of animal planet due to the lack of dog programs.And please don't take away Pitbulls and Parolees.
Posted 07/19/14 at 22:09:44

Where is "Pit Boss" and when will it be returning with new episodes to TV? It's a great show about great, misunderstood dogs and a crew who love them. We wasn't 'em back.... ASAP!!!
Posted 07/19/14 at 12:50:25

IS PITBOSS ?I have been waiting cant find the crew any place
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