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Pit Boss

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A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

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Posted 04/26/17 at 08:52:30

Please,bring Pit Boss back.I really miss that show.It was funny also educational.
Posted 03/19/17 at 07:23:45

Bring back pit boss I love that show where are the people now, why would you cancel it? I watched every episode.
Posted 03/15/17 at 21:22:50

Bring back pitboss it was such an inspirational show and I enjoyed watching it
Veronica Cubas
Posted 03/06/17 at 17:31:26

Pitboss needs to come back to Animal Planet !!! was such an inspirational show and proved to me that if they can do it ..theres no excuse for anyone else not to
Raul Vallejo
Posted 03/02/17 at 17:07:39

Pit boss Shorty Rossi gave me big time motivation in life to not only help out the breed of pit Bulls which is the greatest thing a human can due" right on Shorty Rossi👍🐶. But most importantly the fact of him putting his life at risk of getting injured to help out a miss understood breed to save gods creatures," and also creating jobs and a very interesting reality show for small people that have heart... thanks pit boss.... miss you. Blessed you're heart.
Posted 01/14/17 at 16:15:24

Miss Pit Boss!!!
Lavonne Broussard
Posted 01/12/17 at 19:04:54

pLS Bring back pitbull boss ANd I enjoyed watching the T.V Show.
Vivian m
Posted 01/07/17 at 09:02:02

I enjoyed watching animal vets and pit boss and showes like that . Not care about tree house and pools I like about animals
Katie wulff
Posted 12/18/16 at 16:35:22

Bring back pitt boss please it was a good show.
Willis jones
Posted 12/17/16 at 09:39:20

Bring back pit boss we need every show out there to help pit bulls and to help teach people learn about them to show they are not bad dogs

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Genre: Reality

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