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Jan 16, 2010 - Mar 30, 2013






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A reality series focused on a pit bull rescue organization.

Pit Boss follows Shorty Rossi, the owner of an organization called Shorty's Rescue, which is set up to aid pit bulls.

Comments (173)

Stacey Tullos
05/31/19 at 09:37am

I really enjoyed watchin da show dont take it away
Sherry Taylor
04/13/19 at 11:04am

Will pit boss be back. I really enjoy the show wish there was more people like Shorty and his crew .
02/12/19 at 10:13am

I truly miss this show and want it back please! Shorty's Rescue & Shortywood Productions were such a clever idea to help the Pit Bulls! We miss seeing Shorty (a class act) in our household and are sending our support in hopes of one day seeing this spectacular show again!!! We LOVE you Shorty!!!
Bryan Davis
02/03/19 at 06:49am

Please bring back pit boss this show was my life at the age of 8 years old
12/01/18 at 09:22am

Love the show with all the bad news today in the world we need a show like this
11/25/18 at 04:28pm

I wish you would bring back Pit Boss one of the most intelligent shows that I've seen on this channel another fact is he always tried to help Parolees and the Animals I don't understand why the show was cancelled in my opinion it should be brought back on the air because they were doing one hell of a job supporting animals and Parolees this is something that needs to be done thank you
Joey mendez
11/18/18 at 03:54pm

Why was this show cancelled it was so good I’m so mad please bring it back
Lorri Donghia
11/08/18 at 04:32am

Renew Pitboss best show
Gloria Kindle
10/27/18 at 06:35pm

My boyfriend and I absolutely loved Pitboss. The channel is probably a bunch of assholes who hate pitbulls. They are the smartest breed of dogs that I have ever seen. We have a red-nosed pit named Delhia Delilah, and she is 10 years old. We have had her since she was two months old. God,how we love her. Bring back Shorty and the crew. Delhia loves Hercules and us too!
Debbie Sanders
10/09/18 at 00:19am

First of all I love the breed. Family has owned 3 and I myself just adopted Axel 6 yr old AST on clear the shelter days. I just binged watch the show and I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. I couldn't stop watching it. Humans need to be banned not the breed. Hercules I cried my eyes out but he had the best life ever. ANIMAL PLANET DO THE RIGHT THING BRING BACK THE SHOW. HELP THE BREED... Shorty and crew AMAZING. I'm just late realizing it. :}

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