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A drama inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus.

This historical drama follows a Thracian gladiator who led a large slave uprising against the Roman Republic between 73 and 71 BC.

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Posted 04/25/17 at 13:44:53

Spartacus was a real great series they need a fresh one just like it
Connie Cheek
Posted 11/28/16 at 10:52:28

I couldn't believe the ending on this series it has been one of best series had a little to much graphic sex thou I was always having to make sure that the grandkids weren't in the room.I still watch it ,my favorite was with Andy Whitfield in the first series so sad when I heard that he died .rip.Andy
Posted 09/13/14 at 11:18:40

this show was great.
Posted 04/30/13 at 17:03:38

What the hell why are you ending this show come on now keep this going give me a break. Stop the madness and listen to your viewers do not end this. Writers come on you can still work your magic, don't be foolish, keep it going.
Posted 03/28/13 at 19:49:47

Sory to hear this is finishing
It is a very differnt type of show, lots of action and I love historical dramas at any time.
This one is the best I've seen for a long time.
Posted 03/04/13 at 11:00:45

I can't believe you're making this the last season. I remember thinking , how could they continue after the first season,not having the first person to play Spartacus, but I was so wrong, it just got better. The last season was a little slow, but it's picking up now. I mean how many show's can one watch on TV that catere to everyone, there's something for everybody. That is everybody over 18 maybe? My all time favorite show was (KILL THEM ALL)

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Genre: Drama

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