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Man Up

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Network: ABC

A sitcom following three modern men who try to redefine what it means to be a real man.

Will plays video games and likes non-dairy hazelnut creamer in his coffee. His evolved, sensitive nature is why his wife married him but he and his friends start to wonder, what does it really mean to be a man these days?

With pal Craig still pining for his college ex, and friend Kenny dealing with his ex-girlfriend seeing someone else, they all come to a point where they must man up.

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Comments (12)

Posted 01/12/15 at 20:06:32

My husband and I laughed through each episode. This show was really great..
Posted 05/15/14 at 17:21:05

So bummed that this show has been cancelled. It was such a funny show. They really have no idea what we really like.
Posted 05/08/12 at 17:42:34

My husband & I enjoyed Man Up; they were hysterical group of men to watch I love the wife's brother; he was hysterical when his ex-wife was sad they never gave it a chance!
Posted 04/05/12 at 18:38:14

Another funny show cancelled for trash on tv
Posted 04/03/12 at 20:49:15

Man Up! was a truly entertaining show. From the exquisite comedy to the perfect selection of actors to play the characters. I laugh just remembering it and I'm sick that it's gone. Kept thinking it would surely show up somewhere, sometime. What a travesty!
Posted 03/27/12 at 21:21:15

holy crap. this show was one of the funniest shows ive ever seen, ever week i looked forward to seeing what these guys were doing, how could a show so funny get canceld...
Posted 02/12/12 at 01:43:15

Totally bummed this show got cancelled. My favorite character was Kenny... He made the show! I shall miss our times together on Hulu. Farewell.
Posted 02/03/12 at 21:57:28

:( I'm sooo surprised at this. I really enjoyed this short lived tv show. It was not only funny, but fast paced- true laughter funny........ C'mon tv exec's - let's keep the funny stuff ON AIR and cancel the ultra crappy reality series that are so 5 years ago.
Posted 02/01/12 at 16:15:48

wow! That was a funny show....I was wondering what happen.
Posted 01/19/12 at 09:22:52

Since my previous comment is pending moderation, I shall post a slightly edited version of my comment that isnt going to make it on here! Another show cancelled that was really cute and funny, and yet, they keep the boring Bachelorette/Bachelor/Kardashians etc etc etc that are horrible. Great move. Way to keep your viewing audience happy. This show was just darling. I really detest TV Networks and the people behind them that make poor decisions like cancelling MAN UP and PAN AM!

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Genre: Comedy

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Christopher Moynihan (Craig)
Mather Zickel (Will)
Dan Fogler (Kenny)
Teri Polo (Theresa)
Amanda Detmer (Brenda)
Henry Simmons (Grant)