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Network: MTV

An American adaptation of the British teen drama of the same name.

Skins follows the lives of a group of teenagers as they deal with issues such as substance abuse, dysfunctional families, and sexual identity.

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Posted 04/14/13 at 07:05:51

The US show really sucked but the UK one is really awesome.
About what Michelle Robins said I can't agree. Not every Remakes are shit.
e.g. I really liked the UK Being Human, but it got canceled this year. So I thought "Hey why don't try the US version". I was really skeptical at first but now I like the US version a lot more than the UK one.
Michelle Robins
Posted 03/18/13 at 15:50:28

Skins was first made in Britain.
Remakes never work...
I have seen the USA SKINS it's rubbish.'s like the Americans making Doctor Who. ..never gonna work
Posted 03/24/12 at 08:09:40

Doesn't surprise me at all. I only got to watch a couple of episodes but from everything I read they pretty much featured teens having sex in every single episode and weren't very discrete about it. I read they had so many problems keeping up sponsorship they had to resort to four loko which means they were in high danger of getting shut down since the beginning.

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Genre: Drama

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