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State of Georgia

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A sitcom following an aspiring actress who moves to New York to pursue her dreams.

Georgia is a southern girl with dreams of making it big as an actress. Knowing she can't accomplish this goal staying in her hometown, she decides to move to New York City along with her nerdy best friend.

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ethan hollins
Posted 06/08/17 at 20:58:05

really good show
Posted 06/07/12 at 19:19:30

SO MAD!!! THEY CANCELLED THIS SHOW!!! I was really digging the story line and the comedy. It was GREAT to see a black teen showen in a positve way on TV!! I would have loved to see how her mother and father felt about her moving to New York in the first place to pursue this career and to see her actally get an acting job to see what actors really have to go thru on the set!!! I'M SO DONE WITH ABC FAMILY!!! NOW I HAVE TO FIND A NEW SUMMER LINE UP ON A DIFFERENT NETWORK!!! MY SUMMER TV IS RUINED!!!!
Posted 05/03/12 at 08:53:57

This saddens me. I thought the show was very positive and gave our teens a healthy alternative to the current teenage shows where the teens are overly sexual and in too many adult situations.
Posted 02/09/12 at 08:59:36

This was a good show...funny...and I liked the fashon in it and Raven Simon.
Posted 11/07/11 at 09:43:48

thank you...this show was too SILLY! Raven it time for you to fine more grown-up, and quit playin're too talent for this.

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Genre: Comedy

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Raven-Symoné (Georgia)
Majandra Delfino (Jo)
Loretta Devine (Aunt Honey)
Kevin Covais (Lewis)
Hasan Minhaj (Seth)
Jason Rogel (Leo)