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Hollywood Heights

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Network: Nick

A drama following a teenage girl whose life drastically changes when she becomes a star.

Hollywood Heights is the tale of a young girl whose life is altered dramatically when she becomes a star and wins the love of her rock-and-roll idol. Along the way, they are both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak, and deception.

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Comments (104)

Posted 11/19/15 at 16:51:43

I think we all deserves a conclusion to hollywood heights bc I would like to know what happen with Eddie and Loren and them PLZ MAKE ANOTHER SEASON
Posted 08/04/15 at 22:56:31

Plz come back eddie and lara are so good together and eddie cute.
Posted 08/04/15 at 08:37:18

This show needs to come back, I was and still hooked on HH it was literally my life
Posted 07/17/15 at 18:15:03

I watched every episode of this show, and til this day I still sit in my room and watch it over and over because there were some good episodes. I'm still anxious about what's going to happen between Loren and Eddie. Hopefully there will be a new season soon.
Posted 06/20/15 at 02:26:48

hollywood heights was and still is my fav show! It's needs to come back ! This show made me so excited about watching it and made me feel so happy! If you honestly believe this show has not enough fans, you're wrong! PLEASEEEE BRING HOLLYWOOD HEIGHTS BACK!!!
Posted 06/13/15 at 13:52:52

I dont understand what the hold up is. You guys see all of the comments left for this show. It meant a lot to SO MANY people when it was on. It inspired me and obviously SO MANY MORE. I heard that the producers are scared about the amount of views it will receive. Have you been on Twitter? Instagram? Anywhere? They have so many fan pages and those have so many followers. Everybody wants this show back. If there was a season two it would change so many people's lives like season 1 did. Just go online and see how many people really love and care about this show. I do so much. It left a mark on me and I want that back to so me inspiration and to give me hope about life. I've been through so much this year. I did a marathon of that show and it made me feel better. If there was a season two it would give me a reason to get outta bed in the morning and to get ready and to be excited about something. Please bring it back. -Liz and so many more HH fans. SO MANY
Posted 06/08/15 at 22:52:35

Please Bring this show back. I love this show so much. It has made me more confident and dream bigger because dreams come true. I wanna know what happens next in each characters chapter. I still watch senses and listen to the songs on YouTube. Bring the show back for another season!!!!😢😢
Posted 06/03/15 at 19:32:43

Please Hollywood heights was the best show ever and the fans including me really miss it . This show use to the only thing that would of made my day when it became hard or bad PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PUT THE SHOW BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 05/29/15 at 17:34:23

i heard nickaloading is not bring it back thats what there web page said
Selena Cedillo
Posted 05/25/15 at 13:02:21

Please bring back Hollywood heights I miss them so much I wanna know what will happen for Loren and Eddie and Phil and Adriana and Kelly and Jake and what happens to chloe please bring the show back please 😭😭

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Genre: Drama

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Brittany Underwood (Loren)
Cody Longo (Eddie)
Melissa Ordway (Chloe)
Robert Adamson (Phil)
Daphne Ashbrook (Jackie)
Brandon Bell (Jake)
Ashley Holliday (Melissa)
Shannon Kane (Traci)
Nick Krause (Adam)
Brian Letscher (Gus)
Yara Martinez (Kelly)
Grayson McCouch (Don)
Justin Wilczynski (Tyler)
Jama Williamson (Nora)
Carlos Ponce (Max)