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Hollywood Heights

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A drama following a teenage girl whose life drastically changes when she becomes a star.

Hollywood Heights is the tale of a young girl whose life is altered dramatically when she becomes a star and wins the love of her rock-and-roll idol. Along the way, they are both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak, and deception.

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Comments (81)

Sherry Andreu
Posted 11/06/14 at 10:39:50

Please let me know where I can buy Season 1 and if Hollywood Heights comes back for Season two, I will be standing in line to buy it also. I have recorded every episode of season one, but now want to own it...I love the the show, love Eddy and Loren and Adam and Melissa-and Max and Loren's mom, my goodness, there is something in this show for everyone, of all ages. It is scandaless and drama at it's finest-Degrassi with it's lame repeat episodes (same thing just different characters-well sort of) has lasted what 20 or so years? Hollywood Heights is 1000 times better!
Posted 11/05/14 at 18:31:15

Just got done watching all of season 1 AGAIN!!!! We REALLY REALLY REALLY need a second season there is so much more that needs to happen!!!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/03/14 at 14:15:09

I love this show and saw that it may be coming back for a second season, please be true cause this is like my fav show and I was so sad when it ended!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 11/02/14 at 03:51:40

bring it back
no one wants it cancelled
this is my fav show
I watch it over and over from season 1 to the end
Posted 09/06/14 at 16:50:55

Hello. I hope that there is a season2, i love this show and so does my whole family. i use to watch this show with my grandfather before he passed away and he was traditional didn't like anything but this he liked and all i can thick about is i can't wait to see this show cause i think of him. I love this show, i record every replay and i bought all the episodes on iTunes!! PLEASE BRING BACK A SEASON 2!!! EVERYONE WILL BE HAPPY THERE IS A DOZEN PETITION ALREADY SIGNED , JUST LOOK!
Posted 08/12/14 at 12:30:02

ok so basically i just started watching this show and im in love with it. This is my new obsession,i have literally been staying up all night for the past 3 days to watch all the episodes. And my mistake was that i didnt watch this sooner but im really want them to make another season because you cant just end it like that, this was and is my favorite tv show ever!!! and i love everything about this show and i really really badly want them to make a season 2. and to be honest i dont even know why they cancelled the show in the first place because this show is amazing and it has amazing fans who want it to keep going on and on cause we cant get enough of it. so why would they cancel it? but thats not the question, my question is, are they ever going to bring it back and make another season? i really hope that the answer is a yes.and sorry that this is pretty long but i just really am in love and want there to be another season.
Posted 08/10/14 at 20:07:40

Hollywood heights is a wonderful show that should continue. My mother even likes this show and its kind of a big deal because it takes a lot for her to like shows on tv. It dsserves another season this show made my summer better than you think. Please bring back a season 2
Tiffany Elliott
Posted 08/05/14 at 13:56:51

I love Hollywood heights so much that I am watching the first season and I will be wanting for the 2 season.
Raven black
Posted 08/03/14 at 17:58:22

This is the best show I have ever seen I hope it comes back cause I would die if it didn't. PLEASE PLEASE I forget it! Jk can never forget HOLLYWOOD HIGHTS :) :) :) :)
Treasa McElroy
Posted 07/31/14 at 13:57:11

Keep reading I know its long but its worth it I think. Hollywood Heights is an amazing show and I know that you probably here this a lot, which I can see from all the other people that wrote comments to. And they are right and there should be a season two that's how great this show is. Believe me I have a lot of shows that I watch and I'm a big fan of TV shows. And this show is on the top of my list, its unbelievable. I don't know if anyone actually reads the comments that we write. But I think you do and I hope you do. The reason I like the show so much is because it has romance, drama, and a little mystery to the characters in the show, and its a little funny to. Also because of Eddie and Loren of course and the other cast members. Those are the best kind of shows. I was going to say sorry for how long my comment is but I changed my mind and I'm not going to because I want you to read what I think. Thanks You!!!
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Genre: Drama

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Brittany Underwood (Loren)
Cody Longo (Eddie)
Melissa Ordway (Chloe)
Robert Adamson (Phil)
Daphne Ashbrook (Jackie)
Brandon Bell (Jake)
Ashley Holliday (Melissa)
Shannon Kane (Traci)
Nick Krause (Adam)
Brian Letscher (Gus)
Yara Martinez (Kelly)
Grayson McCouch (Don)
Justin Wilczynski (Tyler)
Jama Williamson (Nora)
Carlos Ponce (Max)