Hollywood Heights

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Jun 18, 2012 - Oct 05, 2012






Loren - Brittany UnderwoodEddie - Cody LongoChloe - Melissa OrdwayPhil - Robert AdamsonJackie - Daphne AshbrookJake - Brandon BellMelissa - Ashley HollidayTraci - Shannon KaneAdam - Nick KrauseGus - Brian LetscherKelly - Yara MartinezDon - Grayson McCouchTyler - Justin WilczynskiNora - Jama WilliamsonMax - Carlos Ponce

A drama following a teenage girl whose life drastically changes when she becomes a star.

Hollywood Heights is the tale of a young girl whose life is altered dramatically when she becomes a star and wins the love of her rock-and-roll idol. Along the way, they are both are tested by setbacks, heartbreak, and deception.

Comments (129)

05/24/18 at 11:54pm

I want hollywood heights back for a 2 season i love the show i love the song one day at a time i love the song mars i hop they have anther season
jodie-ann burrell
01/15/18 at 04:47pm

y cant i seem to find season 2 of this movie in which i desperately need to watch smh... i need to know a site i can watch season 2 on asap
10/27/17 at 06:38am

08/13/17 at 10:11am

bring back Hollywood heights my favorite show please nick is lame without the show and I don't care if you show repeats cause that's all they do until new episodes come out please bring back the show
Jessica Carter shine
07/16/17 at 08:59pm

I love Hollywood heights more than anything. Please make more seasons.
Calista Galvez
07/03/17 at 10:22pm

Omg y'all need to bring back the show please !!!! It was so amazing and fantastic !!!! I can't live another day not knowing what happens next !!!! Please please just bring back the show !!
06/02/17 at 07:36pm

Hollywood heights was amazing and I don't understand why it was cancelled and now nowhere to be found it was a great show and it was to bad that it was cancelled
03/14/17 at 01:26am

This show i have rewatched time and time again... when it first debuted i was only 11 years old and I am currently writing this as a 16 year old and it still hurts that when i rewatch this show and get to the end of the season, I'm left wanting more... A lot of people loved this show and I just wish they would bring it back... Cody Longo and Brittany Underwood both have such talent and their characters Eddie and Loren were both so great... Please make a season 2 it would be so great!
01/08/17 at 12:46pm

I watched this show so many times and each time the same parts make me cry. I get to the last episode and I want to cry because there is no more. I want the show to come back. I want to see what happens between Lauren and Eddie as well as max and Norma. I just want more....
Lemya mudd
12/05/16 at 07:36am

I have watched this show all episodes over and over I'm really into it it's my favorite show please bring it back I want to know what happens like with Lorene festival and where Chloe ended up and what happens to make and jelly does Kelly become a big shot where does things left with traci and make did max and Nora get married what happened at the arrangement? It's just eating up at me I can't take it I'm going nuts please make a season 2 I don't care it hasn't been out in three four years who cares we need to keep watching more please

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