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Magic City

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Network: Starz

A period drama following a hotel owner who is forced into a deal with a local mob boss.

It's 1959 and Ike Evans is the owner of Miami's most prestigious hotel called the Miramar Playa. Threatened by unrest and unionization attempts by his employees, Ike is forced into a deal with a city mob boss that will ensure the future success of his hotel.

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Posted 07/09/15 at 12:47:42

"Magic City" had it all. Great cast, writing, sets etc..... five star production quality.
So what could have possibly caused it's cancellation? There's only one answer that makes any sense....there's something smelly going on in STARZ corporate offices. Ineptitude is the order of the day. Goodbye STARZ. You'll miss us.
Robert m coto
Posted 03/07/15 at 19:16:51

Posted 02/07/15 at 11:26:35

People it is not the stations fault its ours, bcuz we record all our shows. They cannot keep a count on who doesn't watch on regular time on tv.. & bcuz the commercials pay for them to afford the shows. Without that they have to end the shows. Cannot keep them playing & making with no money. Bcuz we hate commercials its our fault not theirs, as much as they want to keep
A show going they just cannot afford to keep it running. The new day recording & Netflix & all other way our new generation watches shows now is what ruining all our favorite shows to be able to even make it.
Posted 01/27/15 at 08:02:42

What a bummer... Magic City was one of my favorite period shows. One can only think STARZ needed the money to fund another much needed Pirate show. All that we are left with is Mad Men...
Posted 10/11/14 at 19:51:29

STARZ, you blew it! This was a great period show. Many of us were around in the 50's and could relate to the story line. Loved the costume designs (like so many in family photos). Can only hope Netflix will pick it up. They are turning out to be a major player in television. Going to drop Starz and renew my Netflix.
Posted 09/13/14 at 10:11:33

WTF, the least they could have done was concluded this show. Ounce again another great series cancelled and fans left hanging.
Posted 06/20/14 at 09:06:04

Posted 03/04/14 at 14:07:02

Apparently the management at STARZ is confused!!
They cancel Magic City and KEEP ON AIR Da Vinci's Demons!!
Da Vinci's Demons has a good story line if you are 10 years old or have the mindset of a 10 year old.
Posted 02/28/14 at 19:51:18

How sad!!!! It's really the only thing worth watching on STARZ. Great show, interesting writing, and they leave us with the incomplete story. Time to "drop" STARZ
We can only hope one of the "smarter networks" will pick it up. PLEASE!!!!
lance lars
Posted 02/16/14 at 14:27:02

great show! I just convinced my buds to pick up i gotta call them and say fawgetta bout it.

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Genre: Drama

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Ike)
Olga Kurylenko (Vera)
Steven Strait (Stevie)
Jessica Marais (Lily)
Christian Cooke (Danny)
Elena Satine (Judi)
Dominik Garcia-Lorido (Mercedes)
Taylor Blackwell (Lauren)
Danny Huston (Ben)