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A crime drama following a special team devoted to investigating international crimes.

Carl Hickman is a former New York cop whose life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job. Working as a garbage collector and addicted to morphine, he is recruited to join a special crime unit where he helps solve crimes that cross International boundaries.

Carl works alongside a specialized team from all corners of the globe, including an anti-mafia specialist from Italy, a tech specialist from Germany, a crime analyst from France, and a weapons specialist from Northern Ireland.

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don Bennett
Posted 11/23/16 at 20:01:03

I am not going to quibble about the writing. It is a great show and cast .. Bring it on !
Posted 11/19/16 at 17:55:14

Too many unanswered questions between series 2 &3
Still, I love the series. Preferred season 1& 2 the Narrative more witty.
Posted 10/20/16 at 17:40:34

l.m.montgomery,I agree, the last episode in season 2 left me with some questions!!! And season 3 didn't answer all of them. There hasn't been an explanation of all of the "missing" characters. Unless I missed something!? Some "missing" characters have never been mentioned, like they never existed. Again, unless I missed something. I really really really miss Hickman and Louis!!!! Fine without the others, but I'd still like to know what happened. Loooooove the show regardless. If Sutherland went "missing" I'd have a real problem!! Loooooove him in this!! Could live without the new characters, however, I will keep watching as long as it comes on Netflix.
l.m. montgomery
Posted 08/02/16 at 00:40:59

Am I the only one who feels like there should have been an additional episode to Season 2? Was it not in the budget, or do the powers that be just feel that they don't owe their followers continuance in the plot line? Can you imagine if we had never actually found out who shot JR? Or worse yet, waited all summer to have he Ewings just continue on without him and barely mention the fact that he was dead? I can bear the loss some of the characters, albeit sadly... but some kind of explanation would be nice. Especially since the last shot of Season 2 ended with the most emotional look on Donald Sutherland's face viewers have seen so far! Talk about freefalling off a cliffhanger!
Posted 07/13/16 at 12:25:18

(Oh, Moderator just 1 more thing) What happened to the ultimate star of the show from Seasons 1 & 2...Sabastian's SCANGEN
Posted 07/13/16 at 12:17:41

Well, I just suffered through the last ep. in season 3..Ended with a B'day party, how quaint. I also just went back and watched ep. 1 & ep. 2 of Season 1, Wow! what a difference. Louis is fantastic character and whole approach to show is different. And Hickman, awesome. With Hickman's narration too. Add that to the lighthearted humor balanced against the deep crime plots. (I know, it's all relative and just a TV show) Difference between night & day.
Posted 07/13/16 at 11:55:57

Totally agree with "Scott" (Posted 07/11/16 at 19:05:28) post. He makes great points about ignoring any of the previous character storylines and barely a mention about Louis Daniel death. I would love to at least know why Tommy went back to UK and Carl went, i guess back to NYC and Eva, what a good story/cliffhanger and just all ignored. Stupid.
Fundamentally dishonest storytelling.
The transition from season two to season three is baffling. The writers simply ignore Eva's 'cliffhanger' storyline.
I've never seen this level of creative dysfunction before. As a writer it bothers me to see a creative team so willfully ignore a larger creative storyline and arc.
It shows a clear lack of integrity on the part of the storytellers and a disturbing absence of commitment to the projects integrity
Posted 07/13/16 at 11:51:08

Agree with many others, Season 1 & 2 were very good, loved the characters and it wasn't too PC, sort of reminded me of the original La Femme Nikita with Peta Wilson & 'Michael'. But Season 3 just started with a whimper and with the drastic changes in characters - it doesn't go anywhere but down with each episode. It's like Seasons 1&2 were really good, and then it seemed either the writers or producers or creative elements left and in came cookie cutter crime story for dummies staff and of course they added the mandatory PC plots and characters. Does there always have to be a radical right wing bad guy every episode? Does there always have to be at least 2 LBGQT characters and/or a set number of shows that highlight how mainstream and cool it is to be gay, and everyone else be damned. I do love Sutherland, but bring back Eva, Tommy "Irish" McConnell, and especially Ex-NYC Cop Carl Hickman! Oh well that's #my2cents.
Posted 07/13/16 at 03:37:45

I was extremely disappointed to see that season 3 started without previous characters as they didn't ever exist. I still can't get over of what happened to Eva, why Tommy and Hickman are not present, it feels that they didn't finish the season 2 and it's just a totally different show now, that has nothing to do with last one. The questions are still hanging in the air about what happened to Louis killer as well!
PA Rebecca
Posted 07/11/16 at 19:11:58

Watching season 1 and it is riveting! The acting is excellent. The episode is over and I can't believe how fast the time went. Looking forward to watching more episodes. Great show!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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William Fichtner (Carl)
Marc Lavoine (Louis)
Gabriella Pession (Eva)
Tom Wlaschiha (Sebastian)
Moon Dailly (Anne-Marie)
Richard Flood (Tommy)
Donald Sutherland (Michel)