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A crime drama following a special team devoted to investigating international crimes.

Carl Hickman is a former New York cop whose life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job. Working as a garbage collector and addicted to morphine, he is recruited to join a special crime unit where he helps solve crimes that cross International boundaries.

Carl works alongside a specialized team from all corners of the globe, including an anti-mafia specialist from Italy, a tech specialist from Germany, a crime analyst from France, and a weapons specialist from Northern Ireland.

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Sue C
Posted 06/21/17 at 21:08:05

If the original cast like Hickman and Tommy are not coming back, the show mind as well be cancelled cause I lost interest in season 3.
Susan G Risse
Posted 06/21/17 at 13:54:45

Enjoy Crossing Lines very much. In my opinion it is well done and extremely interesting content. Please don't cancel this show.
Mary Turney
Posted 06/18/17 at 17:51:43

I absolutely love this show!!! It better not get cancelled!! I'm addicted after watching only 3 episodes! I found it on Netflix by accident. What I want to know is, why I never heard about it before. It's just awesome!!
Posted 06/13/17 at 21:51:04

Loved season 1 & 2. Not impressed with season 3. Doubt will watch it again. Better things to do with my time.
Breanna Jusola-Macko
Posted 06/07/17 at 17:37:00

Bring it back, I get into a show I really love and than I find out it is canceled. It hurts my heart!.
Posted 06/04/17 at 20:33:14

Loved season 1 and 2, not just the characters but the stories, the cast and the chemistry among them. Elizabeth Mitchell and the new cast lack the chemistry and their acting fails to keep the fans interested. I really hope for a 4th season and the comeback of the original cast.
Cyndie Bledsoe
Posted 05/03/17 at 15:06:20

Just got into this show on netflix, I love it. There has to be season 4 ad bring back Tommy Hickman.
Posted 04/28/17 at 15:47:35

I LOVED this show up until the last episode on season 2. The reason I started watching it was because of William Fichtner. I loved his character in the Prison Break and wished they had continued with him on season 5. After watching this show though I started liking it even more. The actors had great chemistry. Tommy, Louis and Eva together with Carl and Sebastian made the show. Without them theres no reason to continue watching season three especially since a very weak explanation was given as to why the characters werent on anymore. I will NOT be watching season three. If there is a fourth and I really hope there is I plan on watching it if they bring the back the characters who made this show.
Patricia wafford
Posted 04/24/17 at 11:02:34

I just started watching this show last week it's amazing couldn't stop watching it till the end of season 3.please tell me there will b a season 4.alsoplease bring back tommy, Hickmen,an eve if she still li esthey should no need to b back on the team its there team,they started th this show.please please bring this back.
Posted 04/17/17 at 19:41:52

Please have season 4!!!! I love this show!!!

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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William Fichtner (Carl)
Marc Lavoine (Louis)
Gabriella Pession (Eva)
Tom Wlaschiha (Sebastian)
Moon Dailly (Anne-Marie)
Richard Flood (Tommy)
Donald Sutherland (Michel)