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A crime drama following a special team devoted to investigating international crimes.

Carl Hickman is a former New York cop whose life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job. Working as a garbage collector and addicted to morphine, he is recruited to join a special crime unit where he helps solve crimes that cross International boundaries.

Carl works alongside a specialized team from all corners of the globe, including an anti-mafia specialist from Italy, a tech specialist from Germany, a crime analyst from France, and a weapons specialist from Northern Ireland.

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Patricia wafford
Posted 04/24/17 at 11:02:34

I just started watching this show last week it's amazing couldn't stop watching it till the end of season 3.please tell me there will b a season 4.alsoplease bring back tommy, Hickmen,an eve if she still li esthey should no need to b back on the team its there team,they started th this show.please please bring this back.
Posted 04/17/17 at 19:41:52

Please have season 4!!!! I love this show!!!
Nina m
Posted 03/15/17 at 14:38:04

Please, I hope so there will be a 4th season. I love this..
Deborah Walker
Posted 03/15/17 at 01:58:21

Please renew for Season 4. this show is great...and not much else helps me to relax. thank you.
Nancy Jones
Posted 03/09/17 at 12:08:26

Ok so I just stated watching this show:excellent! I assume Eva died? They didn't show her dead, just Donald Sutherland going into her room then has a shocked looked on his face? Did I miss something or do we just assume she died?
Posted 03/04/17 at 18:48:16

BEST crime TV series EVER - Just started watching this amazing show on Netflex, and goddamnit Season 3 only has 2 main characters left?? What WERE they thinking? What a slap in the face for the fans. Seasons 1 and 2 were exciting, edgy, full of fascinating characters and tremendous plot lines that just suddenly disappear. What the hell??? I REFUSE to watch Season 3, I'm so upset at the way Season 2 ended; season 3 becomes a whole new show with the same name. I'm virtually crying as I write this I'm so mad!!! The writers did such an amazing job building the main characters and engaging the viewers, then WHAM! bucket full of ice cold water. Tommy AND Carl gone??? Shame on whoever was responsible. Shame, shame, shame.
Posted 03/01/17 at 08:22:46

Is crossing lines returning for me
Nicola Jones
Posted 02/27/17 at 22:19:54

I just started watching this show and loved it (season 1-2). But will tell you I miss Eva, Tommy & Hickman (Louis too!). I was very disappointed that Season 3 had so many new characters. The previous male characters were older with more character. The new cast has much younger leads, not as interesting to me. Keep Donald Sutherland, of course, plus Sebastian is very interesting . . miss his computer hologram though. Looking forward to a continuing season.
Posted 02/20/17 at 15:04:08

I loved the show but I was so so so disappointed that tommy and Eva were not included in the 3rd season. Please bring them back to the new team
Posted 02/19/17 at 19:08:42

Best show in a long time. At first upset about character changes and would like to know why Eva was killed and Tommy left but the season 3 is excellent and now I like the new cast just as well. Please do a season 4

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Genre: Drama / Crime

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William Fichtner (Carl)
Marc Lavoine (Louis)
Gabriella Pession (Eva)
Tom Wlaschiha (Sebastian)
Moon Dailly (Anne-Marie)
Richard Flood (Tommy)
Donald Sutherland (Michel)