Crossing Lines

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Jun 23, 2013 - Dec 04, 2015




Drama / Crime




Carl - William FichtnerLouis - Marc LavoineEva - Gabriella PessionSebastian - Tom WlaschihaAnne-Marie - Moon DaillyTommy - Richard FloodMichel - Donald Sutherland

A crime drama following a special team devoted to investigating international crimes.

Carl Hickman is a former New York cop whose life has fallen apart after he was injured on the job. Working as a garbage collector and addicted to morphine, he is recruited to join a special crime unit where he helps solve crimes that cross International boundaries.

Carl works alongside a specialized team from all corners of the globe, including an anti-mafia specialist from Italy, a tech specialist from Germany, a crime analyst from France, and a weapons specialist from Northern Ireland.

Comments (228)

09/02/19 at 04:23pm

Hummm??? I saw S3 Episode 12 back in 2015. Is it coming back? Or what?
07/14/19 at 07:43am

Hope series is renewed with original cast or as many of them as possible. Forget series three and forget THE ENTIRE CAST of series 3. The episodes I enjoyed best were those that took two or or more episodes to solve the crime
11/25/18 at 02:25pm

You at least have to properly end the first two seasons.
Rick Meredith
11/01/18 at 09:25am

Just started watching and am REALLY enjoying the show. If possible please do not cancel
09/17/18 at 06:52am

Season 3 was garbage - especially with so many unresolved storylines. Not only should NBC commission Season 4, but the story should continue as though Season 3 never happened. And bring back Fichtner - he was crucial to making this series work.
09/01/18 at 03:25pm

Keep Crossing Lines. I love this show!
08/29/18 at 04:25pm

Why so long to make a decision on renew/cancel!
08/28/18 at 07:40pm

Great scenery wish the orig cast could have been retained.OK with the new ones though. My wife and I have few shows we both enjoy please bring this back. Love it.
Merry Hammond
08/28/18 at 09:55am

Please renew this series. I enjoy the characters and cross country scenes.
08/25/18 at 10:54am

Please don't cancel this amazing series! Its got great acting & smart writing! There is no series like it on TV or even with streaming! Please renew!!!

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