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Sep 17, 2013 - Feb 11, 2014






Warner - Giovanni RibisiEli - Seth GreenCrawford - Martin MullDavid - Peter RiegertCamila - Vanessa LacheyVeronica - Brenda SongEdna - Tonita Castro

A comedy following two friends in their 30's whose dads move in with them.

Eli and Warner are childhood best friends who grew up together and are now in their mid-30's. While their lives may be different than when they were younger, the two have managed to stay close. But now with their bothersome fathers moving in with each of them, their somewhat-stable lives are turned upside down.

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11/05/16 at 04:39am

I miss this show... fox!!! This show was hilarious.. the funniest show that I watch... y keep project Mandy around that time and decide to cancel dad??? Project is stupid ass f... and annoying ass f...
01/02/15 at 07:07pm

bring this show back every epsoide was funny,
11/24/14 at 11:53pm

I watch online due to being an expat. This show was funny. Another network should pick it up!!!!!
Time Travel
10/28/14 at 10:53pm

The laugh track, the theme song, the corny writing, this show was a throwback to 80s sitcoms, almost spoofing 80s sitcoms, I'm surprised the 2 main actors signed on to do it, it was embarrassingly bad.
10/02/14 at 01:59pm

This show was so awesome I loved it I would laugh from beginning to end of each one. WHY must you cancel the good shows and keep all the reality bull crap makes no sense to me I hate all those other reality shows and I don't watch any of them
09/21/14 at 09:03pm

Leave it to Fox to cancel all the great shows that were on TV. "I know, let's cancel the good fictional stories and instead put on 20 reality shows, we'll make MILLIONS!!!!!111!!!ONE!!!11!ONE!"
Brad Lafferty
09/17/14 at 11:17pm

This show was funny and had an all star cast. Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green together, are you kidding me, comedy gold. Vanessa Lachey and Brenda Song, two of the most talented and hottest women in the biz, Not Happy people.
09/16/14 at 07:00am

This show was so funny. It was appointment TV for my family! I loved the whole cast, so funny!!! PLEASE BRING DADS BACK!!!
07/23/14 at 09:27am

06/04/14 at 08:35pm

I love this show I'm getting sick of this network canceling all my favorite shows please keep dads its funny if you don't see that then your stupid

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