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Jan 07, 2013 - Mar 18, 2013






Joanna - Meagan GoodRobert - Victor GarberSophia - Katherine LaNasaEdward - Tate DonovanSamantha - Marin HinkleWill - Laz AlonsoMia - Ella Rae PeckJulian - Wes Brown

A drama following a detective who re-enters the lives of a wealthy family to investigate the death of her friend.

Joanna Locasto is a detective who goes undercover and re-enters the lives of the wealthy Bowers family in order to investigate the mysterious death of a famous socialite, who was also her childhood friend.

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10/04/13 at 06:59pm

Can't believe this show was cancelled and to leave us hanging with who did. I really enjoyed Deception!!!! Cancel some of the reality shows!!!
09/24/13 at 06:28pm

SERIOUSLY?....NBC COME ON!! You end it and cancel it with leaving us all hanging!! This was one of best shows in long time on sick of networks cancelling shows after ending first season or first cpl pilot episodes!! Give people chance (more than cpl weeks for christ sakes!!) all the half hour comedies with past SNL stars suck ass!! Stop making those please and stop cancelling good shows for that crap...thx
09/15/13 at 11:43am

PLEaseee bring it back...this was my favorite show. besides breaking bad. and look at where that show landed. I didn't know anyone besides myelf that got hooked on that show in season 1 and its the best show on tv and now deception is another of my picks so you all are scrazy. becase my picks are the best
09/14/13 at 10:47pm

This was one of my favorite shows, I really looked forward to Monday nights and something interesting to watch, I sure hope you will reconsider and bring it back. Thanks, Chris
09/09/13 at 07:23pm

I am throwing out my tv! Nothing good is on any more, I can't believe this show is cancelled. Next time ask me what needs to be cancelled. I have a loooonnnggg list of reality shows that bite!!!
09/08/13 at 08:32pm

i cant belive u guys cancelled that show i was waiting for the second season really bummed out it was a very suspenseful show intresting from the beging had a great plot and twist to it
09/05/13 at 12:36pm

You could have atleast let them catch the killer before you pulled the plug----ugh!!!!
I love my shows
08/28/13 at 04:08pm

Joy Halcomb
08/21/13 at 10:21am

I can't believe you cancelled that best show on TV. I loved Deception! Please bring it back on.
08/09/13 at 11:18am

I love deception I realy cant believe they CANCELLED it; NBC should bring it back. They have some shows that are still going that should be CANCELLED. All that reality crap should be CANCELLED.

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