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TV Tidbit: Season 3 of Hannibal premieres on Thursday, June 4 at 10:00pm.


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Network: NBC

A drama thriller following the relationship between an FBI profiler and a psychiatrist turned serial killer.

Will Graham is an accomplished criminal profiler working with the FBI to hunt a serial killer. His unique way of thinking allows him to empathize with anybody - even psychopaths. But when he realizes the mind of this killer is too complicated even for him, Will enlists the help of Dr. Hannibal Lecter, one of the premier psychiatric minds in the country. Little does he know that he is now working with the worst serial killer of them all.

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Posted 10/19/14 at 11:33:12

Anthony Hopkins was wonderful in the way he played Hannibal in the movies and is an enormous talent. He's one of my favorite actors. However, the Hannibal that Mads Mikkelsen plays is absolutely mesmerizing. The utterly complete control he projects from that character and his own accent as an added bonus...for me, as Hannibal, Mikkelsen knocks it out of the park and into the next city.
Posted 09/23/14 at 17:06:39

mikkelson is better than Anthony Hopkins.. there... I said it.
Posted 06/20/14 at 21:15:13

Its like watching a film each ep. Classic show for the ages. The best show NBC has.
Posted 06/07/14 at 21:59:02

Hannibal is an exceptionally well-written show and keeps pretty close to the books. It's one of the few shows on TV where the FBI aren't bumbling idiots ( Blacklist, Following).
Although, my creep-meter does go all the way over to the "red" section sometimes. The crime scenes are disgusting and hypnotic at the same time. The special effects are subtle, not crammed down your throat. The acting... superb!
The Season 2 finale was so unexpected and exciting. I'm hoping we get to see in Season 3 a Hannibal on the run, surviving in a European environment; and a Jack and Will as the hunters but bound by Interpol's rules.
Still can't get the image of the body on fire in the wheelchair zooming down the parking structure out of my head! Ugh!!
Posted 05/29/14 at 22:51:29

Just when I thought American network TV was incapable of quality programming Hannibal appeared on NBC. Hannibal is an extraordinarily great drama. The second season finale was excellent. Bravo NBC, you grew a pair!
Posted 04/05/14 at 11:03:14

I luv this show & hope it gets picked up for season 3.. I own all the movies pertaining to Hannibal & the twist is very interesting in the series ... Keep up the good work...
Posted 04/04/14 at 23:07:38

Outstanding!!! Wonder about how they come up with this stuff. This show is the best. Just keep coming. We need more shows like this.
Posted 03/20/14 at 17:30:07

Love this show. Very few shows now adays that keep my attention. Keep it going
Posted 02/10/14 at 14:58:42

this is one of the few shows my hubby and I watch together.. Extremely well done by all involved.
Posted 09/15/13 at 04:53:52

This is a great program. I wondered how it would translate to TV and to a long-term series, but it seems to be working quite nicely. I really like it. Hannibal - I could just eat him up.
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Genre: Drama / Crime

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Hugh Dancy (Will)
Laurence Fishburne (Jack)
Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal)
Caroline Dhavernas (Alana)
Hettienne Park (Beverly)
Scott Thompson (Jimmy)
Aaron Abrams (Brian)
Lara Jean Chorostecki (Freddie)