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Sam & Cat

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Network: Nick

A comedy two young roommates who start a babysitting business together.

While touring the West Coast on her motorcycle, Sam Puckett stops in Los Angeles, where she rescues Cat Valentine from being thrown into a garbage truck. Before you know it they become fast friends, and Cat convinces Sam to become her roommate.

To earn money, the girls start an after-school babysitting business, which inevitably leads them into many comical adventures.

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Posted 08/05/17 at 10:38:20

Why was this show canceled? it was one of the only shows I enjoyed watching with my kids.. That Sam was hilarious and Cat was divine, the dynamic of this show was great
Posted 12/19/15 at 09:28:15

I am glad this show got canceled. This show was never funny from the start. I only watched the show once just for the episode that had Kel Mitchellin it. After that I never saw any other episodes. This show was a bad idea from the start.
I Love Ariana
Posted 09/21/15 at 11:08:59

Ok Those who are happy its cancelled, why are you even reading this, there are some true fans so you shouldn't even be readin about this being cancelled if you don't like this show. I was amazing and now I had to get a new DVR so I've lost every episodes, time to start recording them again! #ilovesam&cat
Time Travel
Posted 10/28/14 at 22:43:49

I watched 1 episode, it was interesting but no iCarly, I'm surprised Michelle Obama didn't personally stop this show from being cancelled as she is the #1 iCarly fan in the world.
Danielle Thompson
Posted 07/18/14 at 19:43:42

Sam an cat was a great show and should not be canceled. They are both great actresses. Jenette Mucurdy (sam) Ariana Grande (cat)! i love both of them! Sam and Cat should not go!
Jay Friedman
Posted 07/17/14 at 20:23:14

You'd have to be a retard to watch this abortion of a show. Whoever came up with this show should be taken outback and shot.
Posted 07/15/14 at 09:01:23

iam so happy cancelled this was bad news

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Genre: Comedy

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Jennette McCurdy (Sam)
Ariana Grande (Cat)
Cameron Ocasio (Dice)
Maree Cheatham (Nona)