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Sleepy Hollow

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A mystery drama that puts a modern-day twist on Washington Irving's classic tale.

In this modern-day twist on Washington Irving's classic tale, Ichabod Crane is resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time. Along for the ride is the infamous Headless Horseman, who begins a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow.

Stopping the Headless Horseman is just the beginning, as Ichabod realizes that the resurrected rider is only the first of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that he will face in order to protect the world.

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Michael Wright
Posted 03/17/14 at 21:19:49

I have enjoyed the show, characters and the fact that it relates to OUR history. Classic American tale with a twist. Multi-racial casting giving our small town landscape a picture of what is possible in a community with racial diversity. Who doesn't love a good story? The headless horseman, Icabod Crane, George Washington and the list can go on, are names and characters that our younger generation needs to be exposed to. Don't we have enough of reality shows? We need Sleepy Hollow!!
Carolyn Gailey
Posted 03/05/14 at 02:48:19

I love this show and for those of you who don't why are you even watching it? Go find something you do like and leave those of us who love the show alone.
Posted 03/02/14 at 16:20:22

I love the show looking forward to it returning!!
Posted 02/26/14 at 20:04:58

Where is the horse
Man? That is the only reason i watch it stop it with the witches and demons
Posted 02/15/14 at 21:27:17

ZZZZZZZZZZZ Sleepy Hollow is so boring that Ichabod Crane should go back to sleep. ZZZZZZZZZZZ
Posted 01/28/14 at 23:17:35

I just finally got a chance to watch the 2 hour last show. I have enjoyed this show so much and am looking forward to watching more on the story line. Please do not cancel this show. It would be a shame if you do.
Posted 01/22/14 at 08:34:06

This is one of my now-favorite shows. I hope they have at least four seasons. The chemistry between Mison and Beharie is awesome!
Patrick Haire
Posted 01/20/14 at 18:14:41

I've always been a fan of the "tale" Sleepy Hollow and for this show to add all the interesting twist and intense action sequences that keep my attention more than worth my time and ultimate support. I am a true fan and that is rare in me. Please allow us the opportunity to take this journey with the characters of this adventure. Thank you for your ear.
nancy in victorville
Posted 01/13/14 at 10:54:22

please dont cancel this show it is excellent! a wonderful twist on the original and ichabod is very handsome!
Posted 01/12/14 at 12:12:48

This is a great show. Fox, give word of mouth a chance. Seinfeld took time to find its audience and look what happened, give Sleepy Hollow time. A show this good will find a large audience given time. This show is original and very good, do not end something this good without a fair chance.
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Genre: Drama / Horror

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Tom Mison (Ichabod)
Nicole Beharie (Abbie)
Katia Winter (Katrina)
Orlando Jones (Frank)