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The Americans

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Network: FX

A drama following K.G.B. officers living in America and impersonating American citizens.

Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are loving parents living in the Washington suburbs in 1981 during the cold war. They are also both K.G.B. spies - Russians trained to blend in as American citizens. Even their young children do not know their true identities.

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Posted 03/31/15 at 12:23:48

Never watched it but it just got renewed for season 4.
Posted 01/28/15 at 18:38:02

let the kid training begin!
Posted 01/28/15 at 03:34:29

WOOPS just saw the show was renewed. Do not remember why I thought it was canceled. Retired American 72 living in a Philippine jungle can not get any decent TV even with satellite service so I got the wrong information on the show being canceled. Really sorry love the show.MKL
Steve Gottlieb
Posted 10/04/14 at 06:34:53

This a very knowledgeable and entertaining show. Thank you FX
Deborah Brookshire
Posted 10/27/13 at 13:25:15

I love this show, who ever is cancelling shows I wish they would ask me first. I am so glad to hear it is back for a second season.
Posted 10/25/13 at 18:10:47

Love this show. Glad it's back.
Posted 08/12/13 at 00:53:09

This is a good series love watching it.
Posted 05/25/13 at 09:27:48

So pleased that this show is renewed.
Posted 05/02/13 at 08:24:52

Yes - so happy that this show has been renewed! It's one of my favorites right now (along with Red Widow) so I'm thrilled that it's coming back for another season.
Posted 04/24/13 at 20:36:07

Mike... What are you talking about? The show was renewed for a 2nd season and has been highly acclaimed by many people. The rating system that is conducted by the marketing research firm "AC Nielsen" has tailored their ratings evaluation methods over the years. Their ratings even include numbers from when people watch a show on OnDemand and on one's DVR. In addition, ratings are not conducted by the "networks"... The ratings numbers are held ransom and sold to the network for each individual show and time slot.
All and all, this show is fantastic. I look forward to seeing it every week and I can't wait to see how the next season pans out.
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Genre: Drama

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Matthew Rhys (Phillip)
Keri Russell (Elizabeth)
Noah Emmerich (Stan)