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A drama following K.G.B. officers living in America and impersonating American citizens.

Phillip and Elizabeth Jennings are loving parents living in the Washington suburbs in 1981 during the cold war. They are also both K.G.B. spies - Russians trained to blend in as American citizens. Even their young children do not know their true identities.

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Posted 04/14/17 at 17:08:42

great writing, great acting...... a magnificent period piece..... are they so Americanized that they blend into society at the end of the cold war? do they get caught? do they return to Russia? What is the endgame with Paige? So many questions.
mike dobey
Posted 05/25/16 at 18:14:36

I think they could do four more seasons if they wanted. to the end of the cold war. perhaps they can skip to that. They are brainwashed agents and what wlll they do when it falls?. but at least we get two more seasons. THis is one of the best shows on tv bar none It's superb. WE root for the soviet agents even know that they are killing for and serving a truly evil empire.
Posted 05/03/16 at 09:02:28

Oh THANK YOU, LaQuita and Leosrme! I cannot stand Paige.
Posted 04/28/16 at 20:41:01

This season has vbeen great, by far one of the best scripted show on TV period. I hope they continue with additional seasons.
Formerly Fromthere
Posted 04/27/16 at 23:41:37

I made it out of there in 1989, but I must tell you – everything they wrote about was true! When they show the way they follow orders, the way Elisabeth is a true believer, and stories from her childhood vs. Philip and his misgivings, his desire to become an honest American but still obeying the orders, it is very real. I was lucky to end-up on the West Coast. In the 1990s I kept hearing about the way KGB operated in Brighton Beach. I personally knew someone here who was from my hometown, who used to frequently travel between here and there, always prying into people's work and what they do, both there and those who emigrated and got jobs in Silicon Valley. Eventually the "Russians" here wised up to the fact that he lived beyond his unemployed means and without saying much, would just choose not to speak to him any more.
I applaud the way the show is written, the way everyone at Residentura is either KGB or KGB vetted around that time. I see so many familiar reactions, responses to orders, and a general sense that the Soviet Union was eternal and the KGB was all-powerful. I'm glad that my family chose not to put our eggs in their basket!
Keep the show alive!
Laquita Collins
Posted 05/12/15 at 16:34:50

Thank you Leosrme. I think the pastor is paying way too much attention to Paige. Him and his wife look like some child molesters. I watch enough Criminal Minds.
Posted 05/08/15 at 20:41:05

Yes, LaQuita, I entirely agree with you. I just wanted to slap that daughter upside the head for most of this last series. In spite of understanding that her parents would go to jail for the rest of their lives probably, she told that stupid floppy haired pastor. I cannot imagine how this is going to turn out. Are they going to be forced to bump off the pastor and his wife to stop them from telling? I can't see any other way, frankly!!!!!
LaQuita Collins
Posted 04/27/15 at 17:58:26

Love the last season. But Philip and Elizabeth daughter make me want to choke her out. By telling her pastor the family business when her parents told her not too.I know she a little bit conflicted but really shut up. I know she had the right to be mad about being lied to. Now I want to see if Philip and Elizabeth can live pass this with the daughter snatch on her parents. If they going to live afterwards hopefully they can keep the pastor quiet.
Posted 03/31/15 at 12:23:48

Never watched it but it just got renewed for season 4.
Posted 01/28/15 at 18:38:02

let the kid training begin!

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Matthew Rhys (Phillip)
Keri Russell (Elizabeth)
Noah Emmerich (Stan)