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Network: MTV

A dramedy following a group of staff at a popular theme park.

Happyland is one of America's most popular theme parks. But its workers know a reality that is not as magical as the park's patrons imagine it to be. Lucy is the cynical teenage daughter of perfect park princess mom Elena.

Lucy grew up in a world of manufactured happiness, but now she wants to branch out and experience something real. When the new park owner's son Ian arrives, he sweeps Lucy off off her feet, leaving her wondering if fairy tale endings really can come true. But when a scandalous secret shakes everything up, Lucy learns Happyland is far from a walk in the park.

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Shane Harper
Posted 03/19/15 at 13:20:11

Posted 01/09/15 at 13:37:45

no surprise here!

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Genre: Comedy / Drama

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Bianca A. Santos (Lucy)
Camille Guaty (Elena)
Shane Harper (Ian)
Ryan Rottman (Theodore)
Katherine McNamara (Harper)
Cameron Moulene (Will)