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Marco Polo

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Network: Netflix

A drama following the early years of the famed merchant traveller.

Marco Polo is a Venetian explorer whose adventures in Kublai Khan's court are followed in this historical drama set in a world of greed, rivalry, and betrayal.

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Posted 02/22/17 at 05:58:20

Deserved to be cancelled to tell you the truth.
It should've been call "Khan" instead, because let's be honest... This was a Kublai Khan story rather than a Marco Polo story.
Rashid Ruhul
Posted 02/16/17 at 20:24:29

The three best shows I've ever watched, (in my opinion best ever created) in-order
1) Game of thrones
2) Vikings
3) Marco polo
They really took the p*ss by cancelling. And on a such anice epic cliff hanger to, at least have the decency to wrap up the plot in a final season. Looks like we'll be left to hang by netflix!
Posted 01/18/17 at 02:22:20

Season 1 was amazing, and season 2 didn't disappoint either - however the delays and way in which season 2 released pretty much indicated it was done. Its unfortunate - this was a tremendously well acted, written, and filmed show that was focused on a topic that hasn't been rehashed several times over.
Posted 01/13/17 at 05:56:55

I'm disappointed at the cancellation, but it must have been very expensive to produce for not enough return. But Netflix did not make it easy, by releasing Season 2 with no promotion to speak of. I found it by accident by browsing, and many probably did not find it at all.
Posted 01/10/17 at 20:01:00

Gorgeous, brilliantly-acted series. Cinematography, costuming: all gorgeous. I was utterly captivated by this historical drama.
Posted 11/25/16 at 08:13:45

Great show. I had no idea this show would be so captivating...iwe just binge-washed the 2 seasons available and we are into it like we are Game of Thrones! Please bring it back for future seasons!
Syed Ali
Posted 11/08/16 at 23:54:33

Awesome show, give us news about this one too, please.

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Genre: Drama

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Lorenzo Richelmy (Marco)
Benedict Wong (Kublai)
Joan Chen (Chabi)
Pierfrancesco Favino (Niccolò)
Rick Yune (Kaidu)
Amr Waked (Yusuf)
Remy Hii (Prince Jingim)
Zhu Zhu (Kokachin)
Tom Wu (Hundred Eyes)
Mahesh Jadu (Ahmad)
Olivia Cheng (Mei Lin)