Marco Polo

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Dec 12, 2014 - Jul 01, 2016








Marco - Lorenzo RichelmyKublai - Benedict WongChabi - Joan ChenNiccolò - Pierfrancesco FavinoKaidu - Rick YuneYusuf - Amr WakedPrince Jingim - Remy HiiKokachin - Zhu ZhuHundred Eyes - Tom WuAhmad - Mahesh JaduMei Lin - Olivia Cheng

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A drama following the early years of the famed merchant traveller.

Marco Polo is a Venetian explorer whose adventures in Kublai Khan's court are followed in this historical drama set in a world of greed, rivalry, and betrayal.

Comments (7)

02/22/17 at 05:58am

Deserved to be cancelled to tell you the truth.
It should've been call "Khan" instead, because let's be honest... This was a Kublai Khan story rather than a Marco Polo story.
Rashid Ruhul
02/16/17 at 08:24pm

The three best shows I've ever watched, (in my opinion best ever created) in-order
1) Game of thrones
2) Vikings
3) Marco polo
They really took the p*ss by cancelling. And on a such anice epic cliff hanger to, at least have the decency to wrap up the plot in a final season. Looks like we'll be left to hang by netflix!
01/18/17 at 02:22am

Season 1 was amazing, and season 2 didn't disappoint either - however the delays and way in which season 2 released pretty much indicated it was done. Its unfortunate - this was a tremendously well acted, written, and filmed show that was focused on a topic that hasn't been rehashed several times over.
01/13/17 at 05:56am

I'm disappointed at the cancellation, but it must have been very expensive to produce for not enough return. But Netflix did not make it easy, by releasing Season 2 with no promotion to speak of. I found it by accident by browsing, and many probably did not find it at all.
01/10/17 at 08:01pm

Gorgeous, brilliantly-acted series. Cinematography, costuming: all gorgeous. I was utterly captivated by this historical drama.
11/25/16 at 08:13am

Great show. I had no idea this show would be so captivating...iwe just binge-washed the 2 seasons available and we are into it like we are Game of Thrones! Please bring it back for future seasons!
Syed Ali
11/08/16 at 11:54pm

Awesome show, give us news about this one too, please.

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