Surviving Jack

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Mar 27, 2014 - May 15, 2014






Jack - Christopher MeloniJoanne - Rachael HarrisFrankie - Connor BuckleyRachel - Claudia Lee

A comedy following a stay-at-home dad using non-traditional methods to raise his kids.

Based on Justin Halpern's autobiographical book, "I Suck at Girls", this comedy set in the '90s follows Jack Dunlevy, a father putting his career on hold so that his wife can pursue a career in law.

Jack is new to this level of involvement in parenting, and has his hands full with his teenage son and daughter, who are each dealing with their own issues. But no matter the situation, Jack is always there to try and put them on the right path.

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05/27/14 at 10:46pm

David Wood, who the heck are you! Do you even watch the show! Anyone who thinks it isn't outrageously funny is looney and you sir fit the description! Surviving Jack is amazing and I'm sorry if you can't see that for yourself! And what kind of word is wimpoid? Like, what the heck? Use grammar much? I'm twelve years old and I know more about both comedy and grammar than you do! That is just sad!
05/27/14 at 10:43pm

Are you guys serious! Not just Surviving Jack, but Dads too??? They were two of the best comedies on Fox! Does no one a appreciate good comedies when they see them anymore? I am protesting! Bring comedies back!!!
Bring comedies back!!!
Bring comedies back!!!
Bring Dads back!!!
Bring Surviving Jack back!!!
David Wood
05/27/14 at 07:46pm

Another sitcom with a wackoid parent tormenting a wimpoid kid. How many shows like that have we had recently?
Denise McCormack
05/27/14 at 10:20am

What is the matter with you people..........can't you recognize a great show even when you are running it. Bring back Surviving Jack please and let us enjoy some real clever, funny and really entertaining tv for a change.
05/27/14 at 05:25am

la mejor serie del año y la cancelan , tengo 35 años me sentia muy edentificado con JACK!!! ARGENTINA PRESENTE
the best series of the year and canceled, I'm 35 I felt very identified with JACK! ARGENTINA THIS
Bring it back!!!
05/26/14 at 11:06pm

I really enjoyed this show. I am disappointed to find out it is cancelled. I wish you would bring it back. And Fox I am disappointed that you would put a show like "I want to marry Harry" which this company had not started to do but I guess there are first for everything and in my opinion ruins the whole network when you already have some show on your network that is already ruining the network for me. Please bring back 'Surviving Jack' love the show and Chris Meloni does justice for the character and works together very well with the other actors/actresses character. BRING IT BACK PLEASE!!
05/26/14 at 07:13pm

Wow Fox! Surviving Jack was the best show that was airing on Fox.I don't understand what exactly is going on in the corporation right now, but they should be smart enough to realize when they have a good show on their hands. This is one of them. The people have spoken: Surviving Jack should continue.
05/26/14 at 07:01pm

05/25/14 at 06:42pm

Are you kidding me? This show was hilarious! Best show I have seen in a long time.
05/25/14 at 09:30am

This show is hilarious. I can't believe its cancelled.

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