The Night Shift

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May 27, 2014 - Aug 31, 2017




Drama / Medical


TC - Eoin MackenTopher - Ken LeungDrew - Brendan FehrJordan - Jill FlintPaul - Robert Bailey Jr.Krista - Jeananne GoossenKenny - JR LemonLandry - Daniella AlonsoRagosa - Freddy Rodriguez

A drama following staff who work the night shift in a hospital Emergency Room.

TC Callahan is a war veteran and adrenaline junkie who works the night shift at San Antonio Memorial Hospital. He and his irreverent team of doctors know how to get their jobs done when times call for it, but they also know how to let off a little steam with a prank here and there.

Rounding out the night shift are TC's co-workers. His ex-girlfriend Jordan is the new night shift boss who struggles to keep everybody in line. Paul is just out of medical school and getting up to speed on life in the ER. Krista is an intern with something to prove, and Kenny is a veteran nurse who keeps the staff focused.

Comments (38)

04/01/18 at 02:56pm

Every time I really get into a great show it gets cancelled!!! Please don't, it's so much better than some of the shows that is still on TV.
Emma Romero-Owyoung
03/09/18 at 07:34am

Why!!! I loved the show.
11/28/17 at 00:50am

I love night shift!!! Please reconsider!!!
10/17/17 at 06:31am

Really?!! Cancelled?!!! NBC I'm over you canceling the food shows. I love Night Shift and how it represents the veterans. Boo on you!!
10/14/17 at 09:53pm

OMG another show that's biting the bullet I love geez come on network ppl what's it gonna take for u to learn don't cancel good shows. I mean come on I'm tired of all these Survivor shows, and these stupid The Bachelor & The Bachelorette. Just once they would leave a damn good show alone.
07/28/17 at 07:59am

I have enjoyed the show until last night.
#1 I hope they are not paying the medical consultant too much. As a nurse with over 30 years experience I laugh too many times in this show. People!! -- when you are scrubbing in for surgery you have your mask ON. Otherwise you are just breathing your nasty mouth germs on your nice clean hands.
#2 The story line last night I believe is a rip off of the Chris Kyle story.
#3 Great making the fire fighter the pedophile in the story. I guess a Hollywood actor never would do something like that. Where is Roman Polanski??
07/22/17 at 06:39am

This is one of the best shows going. Hope they pick it up for Season 5.
11/17/16 at 11:49am

Just picked up for season 4!!! Can't wait till summer
Kathy Olivero
09/22/16 at 02:39pm

I hope Night Shift is not cancelled. I do not get hooked on many tv shows but this one I loved! Most shows on TV our horrible so I find myself watching TLC and the Home Network channel. Hope this show comes back it was a great cast of ecliptic characters that kept your interest. My husband and I rarely watch a TV show together, we both loved Night Shift!
Margaret Stockbridge
09/04/16 at 01:26am

I just watched the 8/31/16 episode and the whole premise of that episode says that it is not going to be renewed! I love that show and cried with them at the end. The stories were always great and I could hardly wait for next week to come so I could watch it. I never know why all the good shows are always cancelled????? PLEASE RECONSIDER ?!?!?! Thank you...

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