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Transporter: The Series

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Network: TNT

An action drama following a courier driver who will deliver anything for the right price.

Based on the movie series of the same name, this TV series continues the adventures of Frank Martin, a former Special Forces operative turned freelance courier for hire who will deliver anything, anywhere - as long as the price is right.

Frank lives by a strict code of conduct and uses precision driving and skilled combat to survive any deadly situation he encounters.

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Comments (8)

Posted 03/05/16 at 08:35:08

The first season was fun and ridiculous, but they severely cut the budget for the second season, and it became much darker. It lost its focus on the fun and....transporting in Europe.
Posted 01/05/16 at 13:41:39

Too bad, though I had not watched it regularly, and it seemed a show limited by concept as well as living on the edge of reasonable and possible. It was a fun show. I accept that it ended, but will miss my occasional encounters as the characters were very likable as a general rule. A lot of people have trouble with these kind of ethics, "Not knowing" the content of a package, which ironically, so far as I've seen, he's come to know all too often for the rule to actually be a rule, is difficult to swallow. Surprising to me was that he was hired for more than just drug running. It's hard to maintain a series which misses more than hits the mark of socially acceptable when it comes to what reality would dictate as the contents of his precious packages, though his jobs were vetted by his partners; in reality so far little concern was placed on the actual content vs the content was at times acceptable.
Posted 12/30/15 at 11:10:38

On November 26, 2015, it was announced that the series was cancelled and will not be renewed for a third season
Posted 11/30/15 at 06:51:17

I very much enjoyed the first season, which actually began in Dec 2012, but once season 2 started (Oct 2014), I stopped watching only a couple of episodes in. it just wasn't the same as it was in season 1. they killed off or got rid of 3 of the supporting characters. I thought it was cancelled ages ago.
Kerry Gales
Posted 05/17/15 at 17:50:23

Probably not back until October/2015.
Man on the edge
Posted 04/16/15 at 14:12:13

I love very much this TV show and its incredible characters Frank, Cat, Carla and Dieter. It became one of my favoritest. I hope very much, that there will be season 3 and Frank will survive.
Posted 04/15/15 at 10:55:20

Looking forward to the 2015 Season to begin. I enjoy the series as much as I have enjoyed the Transporter movies with Jason Statham!! Chris Vance gets a A+ from this household!!! Thank You for renewing. @ Evy I don't know the date for 2015.
Posted 04/11/15 at 12:49:38

I really like this show, does anyone know when the 2015 Season is starting?

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Genre: Drama / Action

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Chris Vance (Frank)
François Berléand (Insp. Tarconi)
Andrea Osvárt (Carla)
Delphine Chanéac (Juliette)
Charly Hübner (Dieter)
Violante Placido (Cat)