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Blood & Oil

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Network: ABC

A drama following a couple looking to cash in on the oil boom in North Dakota.

Billy and Cody LeFever move to "The Bakken" in North Dakota with hopes of a new life, after the biggest oil discovery in American history hits the area. But before long they find themselves pitted against a powerful oil tycoon who forces them to put it all on the line.

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don smart
Posted 02/18/17 at 03:09:56

bring my tv show back blood and oil
Posted 04/25/16 at 00:23:21

Extremely disappointed 😞 Blood & Oil has been cancelled. It's a wonderful show, love Don Johnson. Hopefully the power's that made this decision, will reconsider.
Posted 04/17/16 at 06:00:19

Please give Blood & Oil another chance!We love this show!
Posted 04/02/16 at 07:44:44

Can't believe this show is cancelled!
We loved the show in our house! Please consider bring it back!
Posted 03/31/16 at 20:26:28

Loved Blood and Oil! It was never given a fair chance to suceed. Please bring it back!
Posted 03/24/16 at 14:59:44

I really liked this show, but ABC had it set to be doomed from the start with the terrible timeslot. Move it to a different night that doesn't compete against NFL football, and ABC would see different results. Terrible programming decision.
Posted 03/09/16 at 22:24:14

I have never written a comment here before but like others have to say this sucks. I have been waiting for the new season to start and I stumble across this site to find that it's been canceled. I was telling my friends all about it. With all the crap shows I can't believe this one is the once to be canceled. Get your heads out of your #$%^#@ and grow a pair and figure out a way to keep it on, new time slot, new night, whatever.
Lynne Pintado
Posted 03/08/16 at 13:20:38

This was and is a great show and we looked forward to seeing this on Sunday nights. Don and the whole cast really were great.....I hope that you at least listen to what the public is saying and give us and the Blood and Oil another season.....This show rocks and was really getting interesting...Every Sunday....we all were packed in the family room waiting to watch and see what would happen. Please bring this show back for at least one more season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted 03/06/16 at 22:25:20

I loved Blood and Oil! I can't believe we see junk on TV like Big Bang Series and The Biggest Looser, etc, yet we can't keep a show that is actually interesting?!! I can't believe that the producers would line up junk like that on TV and keep us with nothing to watch but store bought movies ( that we have probably already seen many times before!). Many nights, I have to flip the channels to fine anything of value to get me interested, and when something finally comes along, this is what they do! It makes you think somebody is getting paid to keep their shows on the air. Does this make any sence?
Posted 02/22/16 at 11:52:57

Can't believe it is canceled. I Loved the show Please bring it back.

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Genre: Drama

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Don Johnson (Hap)
Chace Crawford (Billy)
Rebecca Rittenhouse (Cody)
Delroy Lindo (Tip)
Amber Valletta (Darla)
Scott Michael Foster (Wick)
India de Beaufort (Jules)