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A sci-fi drama following a time when highly-developed robotic servants are changing the way people live.

In a parallel present, the latest must-have gadget is a highly intelligent consumer-level android known as a Synth. They are so similar to their live counterparts that the technology is drastically transforming the way people live their lives.

While some people embrace this new invention, others are apprehensive about what could happen if humans become more replaceable.

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mike dobey
Posted 03/29/17 at 12:37:51

Decent brit sci fi. Taking place in the near future?. It's not got a big budget but it does have good acting. I miss william hurt , he was in the first season. At least this one is sticking around most brit sci fi shows last one season or so. Doctor who being the big exception.
Posted 03/07/17 at 09:09:53

To be honest I only watch this show because gemma chan. She is so f in hot.
Posted 10/30/16 at 06:31:07

I received an email saying Humans was retuning tonight on AMC. It is not on the schedule. I think now its in February of 2017.
Posted 10/09/16 at 09:29:47

Update: Season 2 in February 2017.
Posted 10/08/16 at 14:25:23

@Kminer, I just saw today that there was a panel for Humans at New York comic on. I missed it, so I don't know if they mentioned when season 2 would premier, but it's proof that it is coming.
Posted 09/02/16 at 16:58:19

I was so happy this was renewed, but where is it? It should have been back during the summer and I haven't seen it mentioned in the Fall season. I even read it was supposed to be back 8/2/16. Does anyone have any information about it?
Posted 08/03/15 at 05:12:04

Has been renewed. :-)
Posted 07/26/15 at 18:03:06

its a really good show , so i'm pretty sure it will get cancelled .. meh.
Posted 06/09/15 at 05:03:50

Posted 06/07/15 at 13:14:55

Looking forward to watching this show. Certainly hope the production values equal those I've found on other AMC series.

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Genre: Drama / Sci-fi

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William Hurt (George)
Katherine Parkinson (Laura)
Tom Goodman-Hill (Joe)
Colin Morgan (Leo)
Gemma Chan (Anita)
Emily Berrington (Niska)
Jack Derges (Simon)
Will Tudor (Odi)