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Mr. Robinson

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Network: NBC

A comedy following a musician who takes a job as a substitute teacher to make ends meet.

Craig Robinson is the lead singer and keyboardist of the funk band Nasty Delicious. When he finds himself struggling to make ends meet, Craig takes a job as a substitute high school music teacher as an easy gig.

When he realizes the kids in his class are looking for an easy A, Craig is inspired to teach his students the joys of music. Can Craig manage to have one foot in the teaching world and the other in the music world with his band?

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Posted 12/13/15 at 17:48:43

I thought it was cute..2 weeks? Thats how much time it got? How can any show prove itself in 2 weeks? So sad..I like Robinson,thought he was funny...Sad
Posted 11/02/15 at 13:21:11

Sooooo...They thought they should revive The Steve Harvey Show?
Posted 08/27/15 at 01:53:12

The cast of this show is good, but they're not given any kind of script to give them any opportunity to bring their characters to life. The writing is just baaadddd.
Really agree with Amy C, in that the main networks, ABC, NBC, Fox and (not quite so much) CBS are losing ground to the cable channels.
I'm now watching series shows on TVLand, USA, Hallmark, FX and ABCFamily networks because they are putting together quality productions. The main networks need to get it together and find some better material to air or their days are numbered.
Posted 08/24/15 at 21:23:39

Love Craig, and really wanted to love this show, but it just falls short. For him to be so dang funny, the writing & most of the characters are flat & boring.
Posted 08/23/15 at 02:31:29

I really tried but the show is so bad. The characters are not believe...the band songs are stupid, the band name is stupid, there is no real music being taught to his class. The writers should be ashamed.
Amy C
Posted 08/17/15 at 20:17:22

This show is so bad that you're almost embarrassed for the actors on the show. Wow!!! I can't believe anyone agreed to put this on network TV. No wonder the cable shows are kicking butt and taking names - at least they're shows we great thought, writing and acting. NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX better step it up or they'll go the way of the dinosaurs. EXTINCT!!!
Posted 08/06/15 at 19:32:35

Just finished watching the premier of 'Mr. Robinson' What an inconsistent waste of 22 minutes. IMO, the funniest part of the show is the songs he performs. The other 20 minutes was some of the worst writing I've seen on network TV in a long time. A high school in 2015 where strangers can enter without any type of security? He just happens to get a substitute job in the very same school the very next day of his old flame he's trying to reconnect with? And his classroom is right next door to this woman's classroom as well? And he's offered a full time position at that school the same week? What happened to the other music teacher? I did watch the second episode also. Another waste of my time. I won't tune in next week. Craig Robinson on this show is funny but only 2 minutes at a time!
Posted 05/11/15 at 19:08:44

C Rob will kill it.
Posted 04/06/15 at 08:56:47

Ever since I heard about this show, I have been looking forward to its debut. For those of you who don't remember, Robinson played Darryl on "The Office" as well as having a recurring role on "Brooklyn Nine-Nine", so he has had a track record of being on successful shows.

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Genre: Comedy

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Craig Robinson (Craig)
Peri Gilpin (Jeanette)
Lenora Crichlow (Victoria)
Brandon T. Jackson (Ben)
Ben Koldyke (Jimmy)
Amandla Stenberg (Haley)
Spencer Grammer (Ashleigh)