The Messengers

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Apr 17, 2015 - Jul 24, 2015


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi


Vera - Shantel VanSantenJoshua - Jon FletcherErin - Sofia Black-D'EliaAmy - Madison DellameaRaul - JD PardoPeter - Joel CourtneyRose - Anna DiopThe Man - Diogo MorgadoAlan - Craig Frank

A drama following five strangers who become connected after a mysterious object explodes plummets to Earth.

After a mysterious object plummets to Earth and explodes, the resulting shock wave instantly connects five strangers who awaken after the pulse with extraordinary gifts. When a mysterious figure known as The Man appears, bringing death and suffering everywhere he goes, it is clear that the wheels of Revelation have started to turn. These five newly christened Angels of the Apocalypse are now the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture.

Comments (33)

05/26/17 at 04:17am

Man you always take off good tv! I mean don't millions enough people want ch!!! Liked it!!! Bring back please!
07/04/16 at 03:45pm

Well I have just started watching this on Netflix. I thought the first 3 episodes where good so I came here is see if it got renewed. And well of course a good show about heaven and hell (if there is such a thing) gets canceled. But at this point it's still all about the money and the viewer ratings. And I am not even sure they count all the people buying the episodes on VOD or not. But I am a SCIFI guy and most of the shows I like get canceled after the first season. I have no faith in good SCIFI/Fantasy shows getting a full run anymore. They don't have all the viewing data so the ratings are really low. As much as I would hope another network picked it up just so they could end it properly. And that is my 2 cents. Sorry networks I just have no faith in you anymore.
05/16/16 at 10:11am

Why oh why in God" name would you cancel The messengers. What a wonderful show for the whole family to watch.
don't leave it hanging with the little girl as antichrist.!!!!!!
04/19/16 at 07:19pm

This show shouldn't have been cancelled.. Please bring it back!!!
11/17/15 at 10:18am

With the devil looking like that, I'd be a horseman too!
10/29/15 at 08:45pm

Why!? Why!? This show was awesome! I'm dumbfounded ...
09/18/15 at 01:36pm

Why do all of the great CW shows get cancelled? This is a network that we really find enjoyable. THIS SHOW ABOVE ALL! We were all able to watch this as a family. This is actually something that pertains to the Rapture. It's a way to get people that wouldn't otherwise know about this, or they may not believe in it. God is real, and so is the Rapture. If you don't think so, look at Revelations in the Bible. We'll really and truly miss this show. God bless you all that were part of the of the Messengers. May you search your hearts, listen to it, and put the Messengers back on.
08/18/15 at 03:51pm

This show was awesome! For the people who are not "religious" or "spiritual", this show was cool, it was based on facts of the "rapture" (or the many other names used), but at the same time, it showed real people with real life attitudes and crisis, and it worked!!! It was amazing!! Sure am going to miss seeing this show. I so looked forward to it every week!
Bonnie Urbanek
07/29/15 at 04:25pm

I really enjoyed this show.It made you think about the forces of good and evil in the world and may even have brought people to spend time reading the bible.
The ending left lots of opportunities for a sequel. Please give this show a second chance and consider how much people who have watched this show have truly enjoyed it.
07/24/15 at 10:52pm

This is an awesome show and it is really stupid of them to cancel it after only a few episodes. It gets better and better, but after they cancelled it, most people stopped watching and missed the best part of it. I stopped watching it too, thinking why get involved, but I watched the rest anyways and fell in love with it. I don't know why CW would spend all that money to make a show and not give it a fair chance. This is why I don't like network channels. They don't make shows to please the audience, but only to please their real employers which are the advertisers. I really hope Netflix or Amazon picks it up or any of the pay channels, that go to a lot of trouble to please their real employers, which are us. They never end a series without finishing the whole storyline and goes out with a great ending.

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