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Network: Fox

An animated comedy following two families living in a town on the U.S. - Mexico border.

Bud Buckwald is a border patrol agent who lives with his wife and three children in a Southwest desert town on the United States - Mexico border. Bud is a bit behind the times and feels threatened by the cultural changes happening in his neighborhood.

Next door to Bud lives Ernesto Gonzalez, a family man who has lived in the country for 10 years but has had more success than Bud.

As the two families' paths start crossing more and more, their members are affected in different ways. Some find romance, others are met with conflict, but above all there is friendship that is formed.

Comments (11)

Posted 06/12/16 at 03:09:33

Fox execs are obviously mental to cancel Bordertown.
Jeff springer
Posted 05/16/16 at 16:29:32

Bobs burger is a great show,just cause you don't like it doesn't mean they need to cancel it, there are allot of shows ican't stand but ijust change the channel, it pisses me off when my show gets cancelled.bordertown was okay,it was getting better as the weeks went on,
Posted 05/14/16 at 10:34:17

the cartoon was so bad it was garbage.
it was crap it sucks so happy cancelled this show..
dan the man
Posted 05/04/16 at 06:34:07

started a bit slow but getting better every week
Posted 03/24/16 at 15:42:12

I like the cleveland show it's a great show so be quiet opinion sucks guy my opinion matters so be quiet man
Posted 03/24/16 at 10:14:42

Tom, your opinion is garbage
Posted 02/14/16 at 18:43:26

Worst show I ever seen same goes with bobs burgers the cartoon is so damn annoying hope both show get canceled
Posted 01/24/16 at 21:44:14

cancel bob burgers and this crap bordertown bring back the cleveland show and futurama now fox you pissed me off fox bring it back
Posted 01/24/16 at 21:42:55

bring back the cleveland show cancel bob burgers and this crap bordertown i know someday they will bring back the cleveland show bring back the cleveland show cancel bob burgers and this crap cleveland belongs on the cleveland show cleveland sucks on fg bring him back to his show bring back tcs and cancel this crap i hate fox they always cancel the good shows bring back tcs cancel bob burgers and this crap they brought family guy they will bring back tcs
Posted 01/13/16 at 09:46:25

Not funny, but it's the same writer for Family Guy and that show isn't funny either

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Genre: Comedy / Animated

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Hank Azaria (Bud)
Alex Borstein (Janice / Becky)
Missi Pyle (Gert)
Judah Friedlander (Sanford)
Nicholas Gonzalez (Ernesto / J.C.)
Jacqueline Pinol (Pepito)
Efren Ramirez (Ruiz)