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That Awkward Game Show

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Network: Spike

A game show where parents compete alongside their adult children.

Comedian Jeff Dye hosts this game show that features parents and their adult children competing together in an attempt to win a large cash prize while uncovering uncomfortable, embarrassing, and shocking truths about each other.

Each episode features three teams of two trying to guess which embarrassing detail is related to their family member teammate. Teams advance by being able to figure out uncomfortable and outrageous unknown truths about their loved ones. The duo who answers the most questions correctly wins a major cash prize.

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Posted 02/11/17 at 16:00:49

I was. Promise you do not. It's totally rigged.
Marty Karns
Posted 12/20/16 at 07:42:32

My son and I would love to be on this show. How do we sign up? Thanks, Marty Karns

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