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Imaginary Mary

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Network: ABC

A comedy following a woman whose made-up childhood friend comes back to life.

Alice is a public relations executive who has a long-standing fear of commitment. After falling for a witty father of three, Alice's world is turned upside down when her childhood creation Imaginary Mary comes back to life.

This turn of events makes Alice's life even more chaotic, as her imaginary friend from decades ago is now back in her life to express all her fears while trying to help her transition from the single life to being ready to find love.

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Posted 06/21/17 at 06:03:48

I mean c'mon Jenna Elfman is so HILARIOUS! Im content with the way they ended it...
Posted 06/14/17 at 21:04:41

How did no one notice that this is just Ted?
Posted 06/14/17 at 20:39:35

This was a great show, it was the only show I could watch with my kids,it was entertaining and great for all ages, all that's out there anymore is reality TV or shows with nothing but violence. It's a real shame if they cancel this, my family and I never missed an episode. I had stopped watching network TV because every time they had a decent show they cancel them for some stupid reality crap... I'm going back to banning network shows... Whats the point in watching, they always cancel the good ones. Hopefully something like Netflix or Hulu will pick it up.
Posted 05/30/17 at 18:27:25

THANK YOU for cancelling this show! the pilot episode was inflicted on me. it was horrifying. not scary, just unwatchable-y bad.
Posted 05/16/17 at 22:08:57

This show was funny yet innocent! Sad! This was actually one of the shows that got me back into abc...
Posted 05/12/17 at 23:44:25

Who thought this was going to make it............
michael dobey
Posted 05/12/17 at 15:33:39

A fantasy show that needed the proper night to air. It never got it. rip.
Lisa in Tampa
Posted 05/11/17 at 22:00:50

I predicted this cancellation after seeing the very first commercial for it.
Posted 05/11/17 at 21:12:00

I watched the first episode and that was enough for me... good riddance
Posted 05/08/17 at 12:40:00

Jenna Elfman was great in Dharma & Greg (24 Sept 1997 - 30 Apr 2002). I still watch the reruns. Classic stuff. After that you didn't hear much from her. That one series "1600 Penn" was a self-destruct in the making. I stopped watching after the Pilot episode. "1600"was headed for a mountainside, crash and burn, no survivors.

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Genre: Comedy / Fantasy

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Jenna Elfman (Alice)
Rachel Dratch (Mary)
Stephen Schneider (Ben)
Erica Tremblay (Bunny)
Matreya Scarrwener (Dora)
Nicholas Coombe (Andy)