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Imaginary Mary

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Network: ABC

A comedy following a woman whose made-up childhood friend comes back to life.

Alice is a public relations executive who has a long-standing fear of commitment. After falling for a witty father of three, Alice's world is turned upside down when her childhood creation Imaginary Mary comes back to life.

This turn of events makes Alice's life even more chaotic, as her imaginary friend from decades ago is now back in her life to express all her fears while trying to help her transition from the single life to being ready to find love.

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Comments (8)

Posted 04/21/17 at 09:19:18

This show is actually quite clever.
Posted 04/05/17 at 07:20:06

...tried to watch this show then realized it's just UNWATCHABLE!
Posted 04/05/17 at 07:10:52

It's is a cute show, I hope it continues.
Posted 04/04/17 at 21:23:41

no no no no NO. this is the most un-funny, predictable, formulaic family sitcom i think i've ever seen. and WHY is mary animated?? and the terrible voice-acting..? its not edgy or fun, its just stupid. Alice is too old to be having these problems. what is she, 40? and kids or the prospect of other people having kids freaks her out THAT much? but the worst part is MARY. she is just un-funny, has bad timing, the wrong voice, oh, and she is ANIMATED. ugh.
Posted 04/02/17 at 22:36:30

Hmmmm.... I thought it would be corny, but I really liked it. Not what I expected. A clean version of a childhood fantasy as an adult, and participating in adult issues. I have watched it twice and laughed just the same both times. I hope it stays. We NEED some clean, silly comedy these days.
Posted 04/01/17 at 20:26:25

I thought it looked interesting and found the first episode funny. Hope I'm not alone, but sounds like people may not even give it a try
Posted 03/25/17 at 14:07:07

Don't let this show air. For the love of god don't let this show air. This is dumbest show ever.
Posted 03/21/17 at 16:01:17

Seen the preview, oh Jenna what have you gotten yourself into? Looks dumb.

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Genre: Comedy / Fantasy

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Jenna Elfman (Alice)
Rachel Dratch (Mary)
Stephen Schneider (Ben)
Erica Tremblay (Bunny)
Matreya Scarrwener (Dora)
Nicholas Coombe (Andy)