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A drama following the aftermath of a racially-charged shooting in North Carolina.

A small North Carolina town is turned upside-down after an African-American police officer kills an unarmed white college student. But before residents have a chance to grapple with this tragedy, the neglected murder of an African-American teenager is brought back into focus, re-opening wounds that threaten to tear the town apart.

As details of both cases emerge, officials suspect a cover-up that may involve some of the state's most powerful people, including the fiercely-political Governor. These volatile cases prove that that everybody has a story - and the truth is rarely black and white.

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Posted 03/22/17 at 12:17:17

WOW can this be more of a blatant race baiting show?

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Genre: Drama

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Sanaa Lathan (Ashe)
Stephan James (Preston)
Helen Hunt (Patricia)
Richard Dreyfuss (Arlen)
Stephen Moyer (Breeland)
Will Patton (Daniel)
Jill Hennessy (Alicia)
DeWanda Wise (Shameeka)
Conor Leslie (Sarah)
Tristan Wilds (Joshua)
Clare-Hope Ashitey (Kerry)
Aisha Hinds (Janae)